WSL World Championship Betting and Odds

Please keep in mind that all odds mentioned are accurate at the time published on 02:00 PM, 14/09/2018 and are likely to change over time.

wslThe WSL, short for World Surf League, is the main governing body for pro surfers which organizes a variety of tournaments. The organization was found in 1983 as the Association of Surfing Professionals and was renamed in 2014 to World Surf League.

The biggest event the WSL organizes is the WSL Championship Tour, which is held each year and lasts from March to December, being held at various locations. The player with the most points at the end is crowned world surfing champion. The WSL has thousands of fans around the world and has surprisingly surpassed leagues such as MLS and NHL on Facebook, amassing millions of fans on their official profile.

The WSL Men’s Championship Tour is the premier men’s surfing event. There are 11 events on different locations with 34 surfers competing for the WSL Tour Champion prize. The Championship Tour has a prize fund of $100,000 – in the women’s tournament, the prize is lower, standing at $60,000. The results of the events are converted to points – the surfer that accumulates the most points from 9 of the 11 races is the WSL World Tour Champion.

Over the years, the competition has produced surfing legends such as Kelly Slater, who is the absolute leader in the Championship Tour with 11 titles. Layne Beachley and Stephanie Gilmore are leaders in the women’s competition with 7 and 6 titles respectively. After winning the 2017 title, John John Florence is having a pretty difficult year, currently being way off the top. Brazilian surfers Filipe Toledo and Gabriel Medina are leading the table at the moment and are the main favourites for the title.

The fight for the top between the Toledo and Medina will be pretty interesting to watch, considering the fact there are only 3 events until the end. Although not likely, Julian Wilson can top the table if he manages to win the remaining events and the Brazilians fail to place among the top spots.


sportpesaSportPesa is a popular African bookmaker that made the jump to the UK in 2014 and has been pretty successful thus far. Thanks to their sponsorship deals in the Premier League and the variety of sports markets the bookie offers, it has emerged as one of the best online bookmakers in recent times.

Besides football, which is the main focus of this great bookie, SportPesa also offers betting on a whole range of sports, including the WSL World Championship. They have current standings leader Filipe Toledo as the favourite with odds of 5/7. His compatriot Gabriel Medina is lurking nearby with odds of 7/5, while Julian Wilson is given odds of 9/1.

These 3 surfers are the frontrunners for the world champion title. The odds SportPesa gives to the other surfers are not exactly great. Last year’s champion John John Florence is not featured at SportPesa. After Toledo, Medina, and Wilson, Italo Ferreira is next on the list with odds of 40/1. Jordy Smith fares worse with odds of 80/1, while Owen Wright has odds of 125/1.

The absolute outsiders for this year’s WSL title are Wade Carmichael and Kolohe Andino with odds of 500/1 and 750/1 respectively.


redzonesportsAlthough it may give off the impression that it’s aimed at American sports fans only, RedZoneSports has established itself as a great new bookie with a wide range of sports. Thanks to their competitive odds and the inclusion of American sports, it is a favourite of many punters across the UK and Europe.

Of course, RedZoneSports offers betting on the WSL World Championship Tour as well. The only market available is outright winner, where Filipe Toledo leads the list with odds of 5/7. Once again, Gabriel Medina is second with odds of 7/5 and is followed by Julian Wilson with 9/1.

Italo Ferreira is not considered a major favourite considering his 40/1 odds, while Jordy Smith and Owen Wright have almost no chance of lifting the trophy with odds of 80/1 and 125/1 respectively. Carmichael and Andino are again at the back end of the list with odds of 500/1 and 725/1, which means they have no chance at winning this year’s CT.

The odds for Toledo may not be so attractive for punters, but the odds for Medina are something else. Betting on the second-to-none favourite will more than double your money, so if we had to pick, we’d go for Medina. Wilson is an interesting wager as well, but Medina’s chances look much better.


sportnationAmerican football, soccer, beach volleyball, horse racing, surfing – you name it, SportNation surely has it. This promising bookie came online after being rebranded in 2017, appealing to a whole range of fans in the UK. With great odds and a variety of sports markets, we have no doubt it will only grow bigger in the future.

When it comes to the WSL Championship Tour, things at SportNation are not different at all compared to the other bookies. Current leader Filipe Toledo is the heavy favourite for the title with odds of 5/7 while his fellow Brazilian Gabriel Medina sits on the second spot with odds of 7/5. The only surfer which can ‘kick’ both favourites off the list is Julian Wilson with odds of 9/1, although most experts can’t see it happening.

Ferreira is again at the fourth spot with odds of 40/1 and is followed by Jordy Smith (80/1), Owen Wright (125/1), Wade Carmichael (500/1), and Kolohe Andino who is ranked the lowest with odds of 700/1.

If Toledo’s odds don’t really excite you, go for either Medina or Wilson. Both still have a chance to overtake Toledo and if luck is on your side, you can make a lot of money on either of them.


mansionbetMansionBet is a promising new bookie launched in 2018 that is gaining quite the attention from British punters. Owned by casino giant Mansion Group, the bookmaker offers great odds and markets that surely excite punters across the UK. There’s an extensive list of sports that will surely grow in the future as well as special promotions that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

MansionBet has Brazilian Filipe Toledo as the main favourite for this year’s WSL World champion with odds of 5/7. His compatriot Gabriel Medina is second with odds of 7/5, while Julian Wilson comes at the third spot with odds of 9/1.

Just like the other bookies, MansionBet doesn’t give big chances to Italo Ferreira (40/1) or Jordy Smith (80/1). The other surfers can be considered outsiders, with Kolohe Andino ranks the worst (700/1).

Now, Toledo’s chances aren’t looking that great, which is why you should give Medina a look if you like to add a bit of risk. Medina is currently on a roll after winning the last two events, so maybe his run of good form will continue and help him overtake Toledo’s top spot.


letouLaunched in 2004, Letou is a major Asian gambling brand that has done a great job in online sports betting as well. With a great number of sports in its offer and a variety of markets, Letou has become quite an interesting option for many UK punters and we don’t see that trend stopping anytime soon.

Brazilian Filipe Toledo is once again spearheading the list of favourites at Letou with pretty unattractive odds of 5/7. Fellow Brazilian Gabriel Medina is second on the list with 7/5, while Australian Julian Wilson ranks third with odds of 9/1. The remaining players aren’t really favourites – Italo Ferreira and Jordy Smith are given odds of 40/1 and 80/1 respectively, meaning the chances of them winning the title are almost non-existent.

If Toledo’s odds are too low for you to consider, we suggest going for Medina. If you’re a punter who likes a bit of risk, why don’t you go for Wilson? His odds are surely attractive and will bring you a lot of cash if the Australian surprisingly wins the tournament.