World Snooker Championship 2019 Betting and Odds Preview

Please keep in mind that all odds mentioned are accurate at the time of publishing (01:14 PM, 11/12/2018) and are likely to change over time.

world snookerIn the world of snooker, there’s no bigger tournament than the World Snooker Championship. It’s the leading and most prestigious champions in the sport, with a number of legends such as Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, and Ronnie O’Sullivan winning it multiple times. The World Snooker Championship was launched in 1927, but due to the declining popularity of the sport in the XX century, it didn’t rise to prominence until 1969. That year, the tournament became a knock-out event and attracted the popularity of many fans.

The World Snooker Championship is held at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield since 1977. It is organized by the World Snooker Association and has a prize purse of £1,968,000. The tournament begins in late April and lasts for 17 days, ending on the first Monday in May. It’s a tradition that hasn’t been changed for years.

The first 15 editions were all won by Joe Davis who then retired. That was before the modern (Crucible) era. Since 1969, the best snooker player in the championship is Stephen Hendry, who won it on 7 occasions. Ray Reardon and Steve Davis have won it 6 times, while Ronnie O’Sullivan is trailing behind with 5 titles. But, considering The Rocket’s quality, most experts think he’ll surpass Hendry’s 7 trophies.

The defending world snooker champion is Mark Williams, who won his 3rd title in 2018 after defeating John Higgins in the best of 35 frames final. This year, bookies are not so sure that Williams can defend his title and enter a short list of snooker legends who have done so. The snooker world championship odds are in favour of the legendary Ronnie O’Sullivan, with Williams buried deep down the list.

Event Date: 20 April – 6 May 2019

Can O’Sullivan Equal Davis and Reardon’s Record?

ronnie o sullivan
Ronnie O’Sullivan

Both Steve Davis and Ray Reardon have won the championship 6 times – they have a title more than Ronnie O’Sullivan. This year, there’s a growing belief that O’Sullivan will finally win that elusive 6th trophy. The Rocket won his last trophy in 2013, missing out on the title in the five past championships. However, with the year he’s been having, bookies have made him a major favourite.

Ronnie O’Sullivan is the main favourite for the upcoming World Snooker Championship with odds of 14//5 at, 16/5 at Letou and Fun88, and 7/2 at BetBright. Snooker experts rightfully agree with the opinion of bookies. At 7/2, 14/5 or 16/5, O’Sullivan’s odds are great and will bring you a nice return for your investment. If you think that The Rocket will finally get to his 6th trophy and equal Reardon’s and Davis’ record, we see no reason to overlook him.

Of course, with challengers such as Mark Williams, Mark Selby, and Judd Trump, things won’t come easy for the legendary player. But, if you’re a snooker fan, you know that he’s a great champion. We’ve been waiting for Ronnie to be a world champion again, and it finally looks like he may end up winning the tournament.

Mark Selby – O’Sullivan’s Biggest Challenge

Since O’Sullivan’s last title in the championship in 2013, Mark Selby has established dominance in the World Snooker Championship, winning it 3 times in the past 5 years. He even prevented Ronnie O’Sullivan from defending his title in 2014, which is where it all started for Selby. He is a talented player and current world number one, which speaks much of his abilities. With 3 World Snooker Championship trophies, he is always going to be among the bookie favourites, either in front of or behind O’Sullivan.

This time, Mark Selby sits on the second spot with odds of 9/2 at Letou,, Fun88, and BetBright. As you can see, his odds are close to O’Sullivan’s, which means that bookies clearly believe Selby has a shot at the title. Of course, the high odds make him a better option for punters, although O’Sullivan’s odds aren’t that bad either.

Still, if you think that Selby stands a chance of winning the championship, placing a bet on him may bring you a nice amount of money. Remember – Selby has already defeated O’Sullivan in the past, so even if he faces this obstacle, he can win it all.

Judd Trump’s and John Higgins’ Chances

mark selby
Mark Selby

Although he’s won a number of great tournaments, Judd Trump missed his chance to become a world champion in snooker in 2011, losing to John Higgins in the final. Since then, he’s not been that successful in the championship, but that didn’t stop bookies from giving him the third spot of favourites for the 2019 World Snooker Championship. It’s obvious that he can make a deep run and possibly even go after the title with a bit of luck. Trump will pounce on any opportunity that presents itself, so if Selby or O’Sullivan fail, he will be next in line for the trophy.

For the upcoming World Snooker Championship, Trump’s been given odds of 15/2 at and 8/1 at Letou, BetBright, and Fun88. These odds are more than interesting in a punter’s eyes. Place a bet on Trump and you’ll have a chance to win a great sum of money should the popular Juddernaut lift the trophy.

John Higgins is sitting right behind Trump with odds of 9/1 at, Letou, BetBright, and Fun88. Higgins is a four-time world champion and one of the most successful players in the modern snooker era, with a total of 30 ranking titles. It’s clear that he’s a threat who won’t falter if he sees an opportunity, so investing a small sum on him may be a smart move. If he captures his 5th title, you’ll have plenty of reasons to be happy about.

Where’s Mark Williams?

This year’s champion and 3-time world snooker champion Mark Williams has been buried under the other favourites at most bookies. He’s trailing O’Sullivan, Selby, Trump, and Higgins, sharing his odds with Ding Junhui. Williams is not a major favourite for the next World Snooker Championship with odds of 11/1 at, and 12/1 at Fun88, Letou, and BetBright.

This doesn’t mean that his chances are low. Let’s not forget that Williams won last year when not many people were expecting him to. The Englishman is a former world number one, so we wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss his chances.

Williams is definitely worth the punt with those odds. If he defends his title in 2019, you’ll get a nice return of investment, which sounds very nice.