World Cup 2018 Group E-F-G-H Winners/Qualification Odds

World Cup 2018 Group E-F-G-H Winners/Qualification OddsJune 15 is the moment football fans have been waiting for 4 long years. The 2018 World Cup is close and we’re all excited for it. The host country Russia has amazing stadiums which will surely be filled with fans from all over the world, supporting their teams on the road to the final.

This year, the group draw has been pretty exciting. It has put arch rivals for the title such as Spain and Portugal together. Other groups feature Belgium and England (Group G), while groups such as Group D (Argentina, Croatia, Nigeria, Iceland) will surely provide exciting matches. All 32 teams have chances of progressing beyond the group stage, but only one will be the crowned in the end.

In this article, we’ll break down the chances of winning and qualifying of each team in the E, F, G and H groups. Some of these groups feature potential World Cup winners such as Brazil as well as dark horse favorites including Belgium. Other teams such as Senegal, England and Poland may not have the best odds at betting sites, but they certainly have the ability to qualify from their group and be a dangerous opponent to favorites in the knock-out stages.

Some of these groups also feature the international sides with the players most likely to end up as top World Cup scorers such as football megastar Neymar from Brazil and the lethal Harry Kane from England. Here are the chances of winning the group or qualifying for each of the teams:

Group E

World Cup 2018 Group E-F-G-H Winners/Qualification OddsGroup E features 4-time World Cup winner Brazil, as well as Serbia, Costa Rica and Switzerland. It’s clear that Brazil is a favorite. They boast one of the best squads in the tournaments, led by PSG’s Neymar and incredible football talents such as Phillipe Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus. Although their opponents may seem weak, they can give Brazil headaches. Switzerland has always been tough to play and Serbia always gives their all. Costa Rica may be the outsider, but they’ve reached the quarter-final in the 2014 World Cup after qualifying from a tough group that included Uruguay, England and Italy.

Brazil is a heavy favorite for outright winner of Group E, with odds of 20/67 at BetFinal and 2/7 at Ole777, BetEast, MansionBet and Royal Panda. Next on the list is Switzerland. The European team has odds of 6/1 at BetFinal, BetEast, Ole777, MansionBet and Royal Panda as well. Serbia is the third most likely team to win Group E, with odds of 15/2 at BetEast, Ole777 and MansionBet, 31/4 at BetFinal and 8/1 at Royal Panda. Last on the list of outright winners for group E is Costa Rica. The Central American team has odds of 16/1 at all providers with the exception of Royal Panda, which favors them at 18/1.

When it comes to these teams’ chances of qualification, Brazil is still a favorite along with Switzerland. The South American team has odds of 1/25 at MansionBet, BetEast, Ole777 and BetFinal, and 1/16 at Royal Panda. Next in line is Switzerland, with odds of 9/10 at Royal Panda, 1/1 at Ole777, BetEast and MansionBet and 21/20 at BetFinal. The two last teams, Serbia and Costa Rica have odds of 11/10 and 7/2 respectively on BetEast, Ole777 and MansionBet, 23/20 and 7/2 at BetFinal and 11/10 and 3/1 at Royal Panda.

Group F

World Cup 2018 Group E-F-G-H Winners/Qualification OddsGroup F is pretty interesting and features current World Cup title holder Germany as well as the tricky Mexico and Sweden. The group is rounded off with South Korea. Although most people wouldn’t see past Germany as the favorite for both this group and the final, Mexico and Sweden are tough teams which can certainly fight Die Mannschaft. South Korea has the lowest chances in this group and considering the quality of the other 3 teams, that’s understandable.

Germany is the most likely to win Group F, with odds of 20/49 at BetFinal, 1/3 at Royal Panda and 2/5 at BetEast, MansionBet and Ole777. Next, we have Mexico with odds of 4/1 at all providers except Royal Panda which offers 5/1 odds. Sweden is the third most likely team to win Group F, with odds of 13/2 at Royal Panda and 7/1 at all other providers. Finally, South Korea has the slimmest chances of winning the group, with odds of 16/1 at Royal Panda and 12/1 at all other betting sites.

When it comes to group qualification, Germany is the clear favorite. The odds for Die Mannshaft to progress to the knock-out stage are 1/15 on MansionBet, BetEast, BetFinal and Ole777 and 1/12 on Royal Panda. Mexico is next in line, with odds of 1/1 at Royal Panda, 6/5 at MansionBet, BetEast and Ole777 and 5/4 at BetFinal. Sweden’s and South Korea’s chances are pretty low. The European country has odds of 6/5 at Royal Panda and 5/4 at BetEast, MansionBet and Ole777 and 13/10 at BetFinal. South Korea is the absolute outsider in Group F with odds of them qualifying reaching 41/20 at BetFinal.

Group G

World Cup 2018 Group E-F-G-H Winners/Qualification OddsGroup G of the 2018 World Cup includes one of the favorites for winning the tournament, Belgium, as well as England, Panama and Tunisia. Belgium is the clear favorite for the top of the table, with England trailing on their heels. Experts consider that the battle between these two sides will decide the winner of Group G and online betting sites certainly support this view.

This group will certainly be interesting. Belgium is the obvious favorite with outright winner odds of 20/23 on BetFinal and 5/6 on the other sites. England is trailing behind with odds of 6/5 at BetEast, Ole777, MansionBet and Royal Panda and 5/4 on BetFinal. Tunisia is far behind with 10/1 at all sites other than Royal Panda, who gives the African team odds of 14/1. Last on the list is Panama, who are outsiders in Group G with odds of winning the group currently standing at an incredible 41/1 at BetFinal and 40/1 at the other providers.

In terms of qualification, Belgium is still in front of England, but the Proud Albion isn’t trailing too far behind. Belgium has odds of 1/8 at all providers except Royal Panda, where they’re backed with 1/10 odds. England is just behind, with odds of 1/9 at Royal Panda, 4/27 at BetEast, Ole777 and MansionBet and 2/13 at BetFinal. Tunisia and Panama are almost without chances of qualifying according to bookmakers. Tunisia has odds of 13/5 at BetFinal, 73/20 at Royal Panda and 5/2 at all other providers. Panama is even worse, having odds of 33/4 at BetFinal, 11/2 at Royal Panda and 8/1 at BetEast, MansionBet and Ole777.

Group H

World Cup 2018 Group E-F-G-H Winners/Qualification OddsThe last group of the 2018 World Cup, Group H is quite an interesting one. It features Colombia, Poland, Japan and Senegal, teams which have almost equal chances of progressing on paper. However, Colombia is leading the pack and it’s not hard to see why. They have James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao in the front, strikers that can break into the toughest defenses.

Colombia is the favorite in this tricky group, with odds of winning it of 5/4 at BetFinal and Royal Panda and 6/5 on Ole777, MansionBet and BetEast. Poland is the second favorite, with odds of 7/4 at all the sites except BetFinal, where the odds are 9/5. The odds for Senegal winning Group H are 5/1 at Royal Panda and 9/2 on all the other providers, while Japan is being given the tiniest chances of winning Group H, with odds of 7/1 at all providers.

Colombia and Poland are also the favorites for qualifying from Group H. The South American team leads the way with odds of 1/2 at Ole777, BetEast and MansionBet, 20/39 at BetFinal and 1/3 at Royal Panda. Poland is second on the list, with odds of 5/8 at BetFinal, 4/7 at Royal Panda and 20/33 at all other providers. Senegal’s chances are slim, with 23/20 odds at BetFinal 11/10 at MansionBet, BetEast and Ole777 and 137/100 at Royal Panda. Last comes Japan, with odds of 5/4 at Ole777, BetEast and MansionBet, 13/10 at BetFinal and 19/10 at Royal Panda.