World Cup 2018 Best Teams by Continents Odds

All winners of the World Cups which have been played from the inaugural one in Uruguay in 1930 up until now have been from two continents, Europe and South America. These two continents have produced the winners to all 20 World Cup tournaments in the last 88 years.

It is likely that the next World Cup winner will once again be from either Europe or South America and punters around the world will have the chance to back either one of these propositions. In addition to this however, lots of bookmakers are also offering other enticing continent related markets in which betting enthusiasts can bet on which national team will finish the tournament as the top side from each continent.

Winning Continent Odds

As we already mentioned in the introduction, it is almost impossible to imagine that the winner of the 2018 World Cup will be from a continent which is not named Europe or South America.
This is because national teams such as Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, and England are currently much stronger than national teams from other continents. In addition to this, there are also dark horses such as Belgium, Portugal, Croatia, and Uruguay which can unexpectedly win the World Cup and they also come from these two continents.

Bookmakers such as 10Bet, SportPesa, and Fun88 make Europe the top favourite to produce a winner and give it odds of 10/31. South America is given odds of 11/5, and if any other continent is to provide a winner you will get high odds of 40/1.

The people at EnergyBet and LVBet share the same sentiments and give the following odds for each continent: Europe (4/11), South America (2), and Rest of the World (33).
Finally, Black Type make Europe (3/10) and South America (15/8) their main favourites, but also provide odds for Africa (50/1), North and Central America (66/1), and Asia and Australia (80/1).

Top South American Team Odds

This is another very interesting market in which the winner is likely to come from one of two possible candidates. This is because Brazil and Argentina are currently much better than any of Colombia, Uruguay or Peru and players such as Messi and Neymar guarantee them a high World Cup finish this year.

10Bet, SportPesa, and Fun88 make Brazil their top favourite to be the highest placed team from South America and the ‘Brasileiros’ are given odds of 10/11. The Brazilians are followed by Argentina (19/10), Uruguay (8/1), Colombia (8/1), and Peru (40/1).

Similarly, Black Type also makes Brazil (4/5) its main favourite and they are followed by Argentina (15/8), Uruguay (7/1), Colombia (9/1), and Peru (33/1).

Lastly, betting operators such as EnergyBet and LVBet are pretty much of the same conviction that Brazil will be the highest placed South American team so they give the five time winners odds of 1. The affectionately called Gauchos have odds of 13/7, while countries such as Colombia (8) and Uruguay (15/2) are also being given decent chances. Peru on the other hand, is probably out of the running here and is given odds of 40 to be the top placed South American team.

Top European Team Odds

The best placed team from European soil is likely to be the most unpredictable betting market of all of the continent winners’ betting propositions as it is full of talented teams and individuals which include national teams such as Germany, France, England, Spain, and Belgium and players such as Ronaldo, Hazard, Kane, De Bruyne, Pogba and others.

That’s why, when it comes to the favourites to be the top placed team from Europe, the competitive nature of the market is also reflected in the odds that bookmakers provide. For example, 10Bet, SportPesa and Fun88 make Germany their preferred favourites and give them odds of 5/2. They also look favourably on national teams from France (7/2), Spain (4/1), Belgium (8/1), England (11/1) and Portugal (14/1)

In similar fashion, EnergyBet and LVBet make the Germans their favourites and give them odds of 11/4. Other candidates for the European top spot which also get decent odds include France (7/2), Spain (9/2), Belgium (8), England (10), and Portugal (14).

Black Type also goes along these lines as Germany is once again their favourite at odds of 13/5 and they follow them up with Spain (7/2), France (15/4), Belgium (13/2), England (12/1), and Portugal (14/1).

Top African Team Odds

Africa is represented at this World Cup by five nations and all of them have different odds and chances when it comes to which nation will be the best placed one in the ‘Top African Team’ market.

Senegal is the top favourite with bookmakers such as 10Bet, SportPesa, and Fun88 and they give the Senegalese odds of 21/10 to do this. Other African countries which could represent a good bet with these bookmakers are Nigeria (9/4), Egypt (11/4), and Morocco (6/1), while betting on Tunisia (9/1) should be considered as something of a long-shot.

Senegal is also the favourite with Black Type and they are assigned odds of 2/1. The Egyptians, led by Mohamed Salah, are also a good proposition here as they are given pretty enticing odds of 5/2. The Nigerians have the same odds of 5/2 and it is obvious that Black Type feels that John Obi Mikel and co have a good chance of topping the African continent. That cannot be said about Morocco and Tunisia whose odds of 13/2 and 15/2 respectively make them clear underdogs in this market.

Top Asian Team Odds

At the World Cup in Russia, Asia will be represented by Japan, South Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia and they will also be joined by Australia which comes to this World Cup after defeating Syria and then Honduras in two very important play-off qualifiers.

Out of all of these countries, Japan seems to be the one which is given the highest odds to finish the World Cup as the best placed Asian team and bookmakers such as 10Bet, Fun88 and SportPesa give them odds of 7/4, while Black Type gives the Japanese odds of 13/8.

Australia has cleared a lot of obstacles on the road to the World Cup and bookmakers seem to recognize that this will to win will serve the Aussies quite well in Russia, so they give them odds of 11/4 (Black Type) and 16/5 (10Bet, Fun88, SportPesa) to be the top Asian team this summer.

Other teams with a shot at the top spot are South Korea (7/2 at 10Bet, Fun88, SportPesa and 4/1 at Black Type), Iran (15/4 at 10Bet, Fun88, SportPesa and 7/2 at Black Type), and Saudi Arabia (11/1 at 10Bet, Fun88, SportPesa and 8/1 at Black Type).

Top North/Central America Country Odds

North/Central America is represented by three national teams at this World Cup and they are Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. The United States of America famously missed out on the event and if they were to take part, they would surely be among the top contenders together with Mexico to be the best North/Central American country at the 2018 World Cup.

As things stand however, Mexico is the top rated country from the CONCACAF region and bookmakers such as Black Type give them odds of 1/3 to finish as the top placed North/Central American football team in Russia this summer.

The Mexicans took part in the first World Cup tournament which took place in Uruguay in 1930 and they have been a regular participant at most World Cups ever since. Their captain Andres Guardado and star striker Javier Hernandez will be greatly helped by PSV’s highly promising Hirving Lozano and this trio is the reason that many bookmakers are considering the Mexicans as the top North/Central American nation.

The second and third candidate in this market are pretty far behind the Mexicans. This can be seen from the odds which Black Type has assigned to both Costa Rica (3/1) and Panama (11/2).