UK Royal Baby Specials Odds

UK Royal Baby Specials Odds
Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prepare for the most exciting non-sports betting opportunity, guessing the name of the royal baby, a potential future heir of the Queen’s throne. It is only six months until the youngest member of the royal British family comes to this world, and no one, except maybe for the family, knows what the baby’s gender is and what its name will be. And here is where bookies come into play.

Immediately after the royal family announced that the princess is pregnant, odds makers and bookies began posting odds for the baby’s gender and name. Even though the odds are settled and the girl names are more in favor, the odds you will see here may be subject to change as the media are revealing new information. Therefore, make sure to stay updated in order to place the best possible wager. Here is what the bookies offer.


UK Royal Baby Specials OddsThe list of possible names at RedZoneSports is huge. You can find the odds when clicking on the ‘Specials’ tab on the left-hand menu with all the sports markets, and then click on ‘United Kingdom’ to get to the odds and name list. The biggest favourite at RedZoneSports is the name Mary (14/5). Interesting is that the second-best name is also a girl’s name, Alice standing at 8/1. Only at third comes a boy’s name, such as Arthur (9/1). It would be great to have another King Arthur!

RedZoneSports is a renowned UK online bookie with a lot of tradition in offer odds for American sports such as NFL, NHL, NBA etc., but for the NFL mostly. However, that does not mean less betting opportunities for you. On the contrary, RedZoneSports touches a wide variety of sports and non-sports categories. In addition, new bettors here can claim a new customer offer of up to £200 as bonus given on their first deposit.


UK Royal Baby Specials OddsFounded in 2009, Fun88 is slowly becoming one of the veterans on the UK betting market with a long list of sponsorship deals with UK football clubs or international events such as Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Burnley F.C., Newcastle United F.C., GT Asia Championship etc.

The same list of names appears at all the bookies more or less with the same odds. Mary is leading with 14/5, with Alice (8/1) and Arthur (9/1) behind at Fun88 to. The last names on the list are Matilda and Victor standing at 66/1. The point is that you choose where to place your bet based on what the bookie can offer in terms of bonuses, reputation, features etc.

When speaking about bonuses, Fun88’s list of bonuses starts with a signup offer of £10 on your first ever bet as a Fun88 bettor. You can continue the fun with acca protection bonuses, and horseracing promotions and boosts.


UK Royal Baby Specials OddsBetser is a relatively new operator, but they actually built it on the ashes of an older gambling brand called Casino Heroes. After the name change, Betser came to be in 2015, and now bettors can play both casino games and bet on sports. Under the name of Betser, this operator has still much to show in order to arrive at the top in the UK online betting industry, but given that it has been online only 3 years, much is to be seen in the following years.

Betser too favours the name of Mary (14/5) for the royal baby with Matilda (66/1), Victor (66/1), John, Thomas and Emma (50/1 all) being the least favourite names. Just for your information, a £10 bet on Matilda or Victor can bring you a pay-out of £670!

There is a welcome bonus at Betser too. With it, you get to double your first deposit as a new member of Betser up to €25. Deposit €25, and you will get €25 in return as a bonus. The bonus is valid for all sports markets.


UK Royal Baby Specials OddsThe best about SportNation is that they post exclusive odds on their Facebook page. Therefore, it would be wise to follow their Facebook page in the future, if you plan to become a SportNation member. This bookie will entice you with a £300 welcome bonus, given on your first ever deposit as a SportNation bettor. Continue betting with dozens of other bonuses, which is why UK bettors come to SportNation in the first place.

The odds are very much the same at SportNation as with the other bookies until a shift happens in the next 6 months up to the baby’s birth. Mary (14/5), Alice (8/1) and Arthur (9/1) are leading the list. In that respect all that is left for you to decide is where the juiciest bonuses are.


The things are a bit different at EnergyBet. This operator has decided to double the odds with a slightly different list, where the name Alice leads with odds 8/1, followed by Arthur with 9/1. You can find the name Mary at EnergyBet in the first 10 favourites with odds 16/1, but only after names like Elizabeth, James, Alexander, Philip, Grace, Alexandria and Victoria. Moreover, you can bet if it is going to be a boy or a girl. The odds for these bets are 22/25.

You can bet on all of these names with the bonuses offered at EnergyBet. But, the highlight here are the EnergyPoints that you can collect with every activity on the website such as betting or other, and use them to shop for interesting things in the EnergyShop. Check out the EnergyRewards system too.