UFC Card 226: July 8th Fights

UFC Card 226: July 8th FightsThe upcoming UFC 226 event will definitely be one for the history books. The bout will take place on July 8th at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada during UFC’s International Fight Week. The main event will feature two champions which are defending their titles – Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier.

Miocic is the current holder of the Heavyweight title and has defended it three times already, making him the only MMA fighter with that achievement. On the other side of the octagon, Daniel Cormier comes as a UFC lightweight champion who is trying to move up the ladder and will surely give his best to take the heavyweight title from Miocic’s hands. It’s a true super fight for the ages and has millions of people excited.

Besides the main fight between Miocic and Cormier, the second scheduled fight will certainly be exciting as well. It features undefeated contender Brian Ortega and featherweight champion Max Holloway. Holloway is coming off successful back-to-back title defenses, while Ortega is the only man to finish the legendary Frankie Edgar a few months ago, which earned him the Performance of the Night bonus. Although overshadowed by the main event, this fight is probably the biggest showdown in division history outside of the McGregor vs. Aldo fight in 2015.

If you have a favorite and want to try your luck by placing a bet on him, here are 5 respectable bookmakers with great odds:


UFC Card 226: July 8th FightsSportPesa is a British sportsbook site owned and operated by TGP Europe and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. The site offers great odds for different sports including mixed martial arts. If you’re new to SportPesa, don’t miss the promotions section where you can get your hands on nice bonuses.

SportPesa also offers odds for both main events at the UFC. You can back Stipe Miocic for the title with odds of 5/12, but betting on Cormier will almost triple your investment with odds of 8/5. You can also bet on the fight to go to the distance (Yes – 13/10, No – 1/2) and Over/Under full-time rounds (both Over and Under 3.5 for odds of 4/5).

For the second bout, SportPesa favors Max Holloway with odds of 5/11. Undefeated contender Ortega has been given odds of 6/4. The site also offers over/under full-time rounds market for this fight (Over 3.5 – 25/28, Under 3.5 – 20/27). As you can see, there are a variety of markets you can place your bets on and we must say that the odds are certainly great.


UFC Card 226: July 8th FightsRedZoneSports is a British online betting site which specializes in American sports. They offer great odds for American football, soccer, and NBA, but their offers also include betting on other sports including MMA. RedZoneSports has a 50% First Deposit Match newcomer bonus for bets up to £100 as well as extra low minimum deposits of only £5.

For the UFC 226 title fight, they favor Miocic just like Sport Pesa, with odds of 5/12. He is the favorite, but you’ll get more money in return by betting on Cormier (8/5) who’s certainly not without a chance. If you want to place your bet on other markets for the fight, you can try over/under total rounds (over 3.5 – 5/6; under 3.5 – 5/6) or fight to do to the distance (No – 1/2; Yes – 13/10). All the odds are great, so pick them carefully.

RedZoneSports also offer great odds for the second event (Holloway vs. Ortega). They have Max Holloway as the favorite with odds of 5/11, but Ortega’s odds of 6/4 are certainly more exciting. If you’re planning to bet on over/under round, you can do so with odds of 10/11 for Over 3.5 and 10/13 for Under 3.5.


UFC Card 226: July 8th FightsSportNation is one of the emerging players in the UK betting market after rebranding in 2017. Formerly known as Bet on Brazil, SportNation offers enticing odds for many sports and has great offers for regular football punters. They also have a welcome bonus and a wide array of markets you can place your bets on, including the UFC 226.

Just like Sport Pesa and RedZoneSports, SportNation gives Miocic the bigger chances of winning the match. His odds stand at 5/12. Cormier’s chances (8/5) are great as well and much more attractive. If picking the winner isn’t your thing, you can put your bet on the fight to go to the distance with odds of 13/10 for Yes and 1/2 for No. The Over/Under for this fight stands at 5/6 for both Over and Under 3.5 total rounds.

For the Holloway vs. Ortega match, SportNation sees the American as the favorite with odds of 5/11. Ortega has interesting odds of 6/4 which will get you more money in return than putting a bet on Holloway. If you’re planning on betting on the Over/Under market for this fight, you can do so with odds of 10/11 for Over 3.5 and 10/13 for Under 3.5.


UFC Card 226: July 8th FightsFun88 is a British online betting site and casino licensed in the Isle of Man and the Philippines and is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Although established over 10 years ago, Fun88 recently gained huge sponsorships which helped it rise in popularity. When you visit the site, you’ll see that it is focused on football, although there’s an impressive list of other sports you can put your bets on. Of course, they offer a free bonus for newcomers (up to £30 free bet) and have other promotions.

Fun88 offers the same odds for the main event at the UFC 226. Miocic is the clear favorite with odds of 5/12. You can back Cormier with odds of 8/5. If you think that the fight will go to the distance, Fun88 offers odds of 1/2 for No and 13/10 for Yes. If you think the match will go Over 3.5 rounds the odds are 4/5. The odds for Under 3.5 total rounds are the same.

When it comes to the second match, Holloway is picked as the favorite with odds of 5/11, while Ortega’s chances stand at 6/4. The odds for Over or Under total rounds are 25/28 (Over 3.5) and 20/27 (Under 3.5).


UFC Card 226: July 8th FightsTonyBet is a popular European bookmaker and casino. It started working in 2009 and built a solid reputation after sponsoring the Lithuanian basketball team in 2013. The website is easy to use and offers a great collection of sports including mixed martial arts.

For the UFC 226 main event, TonyBet gives bigger chances to Stipe Miocic, with odds of 1/2 over Cormier’s 8/5. If you’d like to place a bet on Over/Under total rounds, the odds are 17/20 for Under 3.5 and 19/20 for Over 3.5.

When it comes to the second match, Holloway is once again the clear favorite with odds of 23/50. The bookmaker surely feels that Ortega stands a chance against the featherweight champion, giving him odds of 3/2.