The $9M Match 2018 – Tiger vs Phil Golf Betting and Odds

Please keep in mind that all odds mentioned are accurate at the time published on 02:50 PM, 18/09/2018 and are likely to change over time.
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

On November 23, golf fans will be treated to a real derby between two of the greatest golfers of all time – Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. The much-discussed match was only a dream for golf fans before the PGA Tour announced it was happening a few weeks ago. The match between Woods and Mickelson has the goal of bringing golf to the masses and will be televised pay-per-view event. It’s the epic showdown golf fans have been waiting for nearly two decades and we’re happy that we get to see it in our lifetime.

Simply titled “The Match”, the game will take place in late November during Thanksgiving weekend at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas. It will be hosted by MGM Resorts International and will be a winner-takes-all type of match, where the golfers will fight for a prize of a whopping $9 million! The Match will be played over 18 holes, and the golfers will be allowed to make side-challenges between each other.

Tiger Woods is a Hall of Famer and probably the best golfer in history besides Jack Nicklaus. The controversial American is trailing no one but the legendary Nicklaus in terms of titles and there’s a belief among fans and experts that he’ll catch him by the time he ends his career. The last 5-6 years haven’t been kind to Woods who was accused of infidelity and other offenses which have put a stain on his career. All of that surely had a negative impact on Woods, who has won his last major in 2008. Still, this has been a great year for Tiger who’s playing his best golf in years, and experts think that he still has the champion spirit in him.

In the other corner, we have another legend. Phil Mickelson is one of the most successful golfers of all time and a nemesis to Woods. Experts consider Mickelson the second-best player of Woods’ era and that speaks volumes of his quality. The golf icons have been seen as adversaries during their career, although their relationship mellowed quite a bit in recent times. Both golfers are hoping to try something different and give golf fans a match they’ve waited for a long time.

Tiger Woods’ Chances

This isn’t Woods’ first foray into this type of matches – in the early 2000s, he appeared in a series of Monday Night Golf matches which ran from 1999 to 2005, eventually being revived in 2012 for a match between Woods and McIlroy. As the American golfer says, he’s trying to do something different for the fans and break the routine of majors. The Woods vs. Mickelson PPV event is not a part of the series, but it’s as close as it gets.

This year, Woods played great. He was close to winning a few tournaments, although he’s yet to claim a title. Still, he played his best golf in years and fans are obviously hungry for more. Their desire to see Woods and Mickelson in a direct duel away from the major tournaments is what inspired The Match which will undoubtedly attract millions of viewers. Both Woods and Mickelson are eager for the match to start, and the battle has already started on Twitter.

At the moment, Woods is the absolute favourite over Mickelson. He’s available at 20/33 at SportNation, SportPesa, and RedZoneSports, and 10/19 at Mansion Bet and Ole777. We have to agree that these odds aren’t exactly great from a punter’s point of view unless you invest serious money. If you were planning on it, then Woods is the obvious choice, as he’s currently in a great run of form, no matter the results.

Can Mickelson Surprise Woods?

phil mickelson
Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson is another legend in golf with 43 titles overall and 5 Majors behind his name. The only Major he hasn’t won is the US Open, but considering the fact that he’s been a runner-up a record 6 times, we think that may soon change. Mickelson is a legend in his own right and his fights versus Woods in the past have been a stuff of legend. His rivalry with Tiger Woods is exactly what sparked The Match and fans will finally have the chance to see an epic game between these two exciting golfers no holds barred.

A bit surprisingly, Mickelson is the underdog for the game. He’s being given odds of 6/5 at SportNation and RedZoneSports, and 31/20 at Ole777, Mansion Bet, and SportPesa. These odds are just what punters like to see. Placing a bet on Mickelson will see you take more than double of your investment, which is a pretty nice return if you ask us.

Don’t think that the fight will be a joke – as Mickelson stated, $9 million is a whole lot of money and both would like to win it, no matter how much money they’ve made during their careers. Knowing this, Mickelson’s odds look much better, and with the lack of other betting markets for the event, we think it’s reasonable to place a bet on both golfers. That way, you’ll either strike lucky or win at least something in return.