Speedway of Nations 2018 Odds

Speedway of Nations 2018 OddsThe 2018 Speedway of Nations is an event which features 15 countries and is staged during the FIM Speedway Grand Prix summer break in place of the Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup.

The event will take place over two Race Off events, which will be staged on June 2nd and June 5th and will take place in Germany and Great Britain. Each of these will feature seven nations and the top 3 of each race will join the hosts Poland in the Final at Wroclaw’s Olympic Stadium, which will be staged over two rounds on June 8th and June 9th.

The 2018 Speedway of Nations will be an excellent test of each country’s team riding capabilities as the best two riders from each country will get a chance to represent their nation. Each meeting will have 21 heats and Race Off 1 and 2 will have an extra 2 shoot out heats for the remaining places in the finals.

In this article we will look at the odds from five betting operators for the Speedway of Nations 2018 and we will try to help you in choosing the best bookmaker for you.


Speedway of Nations 2018 OddsBetEast is a betting operator which is powered by TGP Europe Ltd and is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. They are a very sound option for your Speedway of Nations 2018 bet as you can increase your profits by using some of their many bonuses and promotions.

For the Speedway of Nations 2018 competition, BetEast makes the home nation Poland (27/20) its top favourite. Other countries such as Russia (33/10), Australia (15/4), and Great Britain (23/4) are also in contention for the pole position.

These are the four main favourites and they are followed by Sweden (39/4), Denmark (13/1), Latvia (49/1) and Germany (65/1) which are all countries able to provide fans and punters with a surprise result, but looking at their odds, you shouldn’t hold your breath for something like that to happen.

That is even truer for the nations which follow them such as the Czech Republic (79/1), France (98/1), Slovenia (145/1), USA (145/1), Slovakia (145/1), Italy (975/1), and Finland (975/1) as they would be lucky if they managed to reach the final.


Speedway of Nations 2018 OddsFun88 is a respected bookmaker which is operated by TGP Europe Ltd and is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Their £28 Welcome Bonus for all new customers who have made at least 6 bets of £10 on their betting site is drawing newcomers each day and if you haven’t made your first deposit there, you can use this opportunity and bet on the Speedway of Nations 2018.

Poland (27/20) is the country to back if you take Fun88’s ranking of nations for this summer’s Speedway into consideration. Russia (33/10) is their second favourite and they give the Russian riders decent odds to combine both profitability and chances of success.

Australia (15/4) and Great Britain (23/4) are Fun88’s third and fourth favourite respectively and the Australian and British are expected to reach the finals in Poland, and once they get there anything can happen.

Outside these four nations the chances for winning the Speedway of Nations 2018 decrease significantly and the odds get dramatically higher. This means that Sweden (39/4), Denmark (13/1), Latvia (49/1) and Germany (65/1) will have to work extra hard and hope for a run of good luck if any of them is to win the event.


Speedway of Nations 2018 OddsLetou is a top TGP Europe Ltd betting product which is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission for provision of services in the United Kingdom. Their offer for the Speedway of Nations 2018 is one of the most generous ones in the betting industry as it features some high odds which give chance for some lucrative wagers.

A good example of these high odds is the favourite to win the Speedway of Nations 2018, Poland (27/20). The Polish will have the privilege of hosting the finals of the first ever Speed of Nations under its new name and they will try to make sure that they win it for their fans and for the history of the event.

The Polish are followed by candidates such as Russia (33/10), Australia (15/4), and Great Britain (23/4), which although possess lots of quality will have to work hard to upstage the finals’ hosts.

Countries such as Sweden (39/4), Denmark (13/1), Latvia (49/1) and Germany (65/1), and to some extent the Czech Republic (79/1), and France (98/1) possess very small chances of winning in the finals, but if they do and you back them, you can make a huge profit.


Speedway of Nations 2018 OddsBetser is a betting provider that is operated by Hero Gaming Limited, a company which is located in Malta. Both the betting operator and its mother company are regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, which is a sure sign that betting with them is a very safe and secure experience.

Furthermore, Betser’s €10 bonus for all new clients with a first bet of €20 or more is one of the best ways to start your Speedway of Nations 2018 betting adventure.

Betser offers the highest odds of all the betting operators on this list, and on the market in general. For example, the favourite to win the event, Poland, is given odds of 7/5. Russia, which is next in line for victory is given odds of 7/2 and Australia is given odds of 4/1. Great Britain has odds of 6/1 and countries such as Sweden and Denmark have odds of 10/1 and 14/1 respectively. The same trend of higher odds continues with other nations as well.


Speedway of Nations 2018 OddsSportPesa is one of the best bookmakers offering their services in the UK. They are run by TGP Europe Ltd, and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that safety of deposits and pay outs efficiency is paramount at SportPesa.

In addition to this, SportPesa also provides its clients some mouth watering bonuses and promotions such as their welcome bonus with which you can get an extra £10 on first deposits of minimum £10.

Poland (27/20) is SportPesa’s top favourite to win the Speedway of Nations. The same cannot be said about Russia (33/10), Australia (15/4), and Great Britain (23/4), but these countries are still with much higher chances than nations further down in the pecking order.

The teams representing Sweden (39/4), Denmark (13/1), Latvia (49/1) and Germany (65/1) can spring a surprise or two by making it to the finals, but it is unlikely that they can win the whole thing.

Lastly, countries such as the Czech Republic (79/1), France (98/1), Slovenia (145/1), USA (145/1), Slovakia (145/1), Italy (975/1), and Finland (975/1) will probably be there just to make up the numbers.


Speedway of Nations 2018 OddsSportNation is a new online betting site that tries bringing American sports closer to English punters. They have great bonuses for newcomers and a reward system that is enticing enough to satisfy your needs. They also offer Best Odds Guaranteed on horse racing and free weekly bets for their most loyal punters.

Poland is once again the favorite for winning the Speedway of Nations, being given odds of 27/20 at SportNation. Russia comes next with odds of 33/10, followed by Australia with 15/4 and Great Britain with odds of 23/4. Sweden and Denmark round off the first 6 favorites with odds of 37/4 and 13/1 respectively. The remaining 8 teams are not given a great chance – for example, Germany has odds of 65/1, while the USA is certainly not a favorite with odds of 145/1. Once again, Italy and Finland are the absolute outsiders with odds of 975/1.