Six Nations Rugby Union Championship 2018

There’s no bigger event in rugby union than the Six Nations Championship. This rugby code is commonly played on the British Isles, but also in Italy and France, which is why the most important competition sees this 6 nations as participants – England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy. As you can notice, Ireland competes as one entity. Initially only the four nations of the British Isles competed, then France was added in 1910 and Italy in 2000.

The format is pretty simple, each team plays against all other teams once, which means that a total of 15 matches are played. Up until last year, a simple point system was used, the loser got no points, there was a point for a draw and two for a win, but last year the so called bonus point scheme which is used in most other competitions was introduced.

By this system, two points are awarded for a draw, four for a win and no points for a loss. However, teams that score 4+ tries in a match receive an extra point, whereas those who have a tally equal or lower to 7 points, lose one. Moreover, a team that wins a Grand Slam scores additional three points.

The tournament is divided into five weeks and the home advantage changes each per year, so since were hosted by Scotland in 2017, the 2018 match between the two nations will take place in Cardiff. This year, the Six Nations Championship will begin on the 3rd of February, with the match Wales vs. Scotland.

Bookmakers are already offering Six Nations betting, mostly outright bets, but some bookies have already introduced match betting odds. Current title holders, England, are obvious favourites for the 2018 title.


Betfinal takes rugby union betting seriously and offers both outright markets, as well as betting markets for individual matches of Week 1. When it comes to outright betting, England are favourites at 20/27, followed by Ireland who are rated 11/4, then Wales and Scotland tied at 9/1, France is 11/1 and Italy is the obvious underdog with 1000/1. You may also check the ‘Winner’ category, where in addition to the option of betting on an individual team, you can bet that there won’t be a Grand Slam (20/27), and the odds for particular teams are adjusted to fit this.

For individual matches, Wales is the favourite to win against Scotland (2/3), Ireland is expected to win against France away (10/17), and anything short of an English victory in the match against Italy will be considered a miracle, as the odds are 2/35 in favour of the English.

In addition to match betting, Betfinal also offers handicap fulltime betting, first to score, last to score, race to 10, halftime/fulltime, winning margin and highest half. All in all, there are plenty of options at this bookie.


BetOlimp currently offers outright and match betting for Week 1 matches of the Six Nations Championship. The odds for England to win are set at 4/5, which is higher than the odds offered by Betfinal, the Irish are rated 5/2, 9/1 for Scotland, 11/1 for Wales, 12/1 for France and 749/1 for Italy. As you can see, the odds are quite favourable, unless to wager on Italy, in which case you can get much better odds.

The odds for France to win against Ireland are 3/2, compared to the 7/5 odds at Betfinal, whereas the odds for England to beat Italy are 9/100, compared to only 2/35 odds at Betfinal. The odds for Wales to beat Scotland are also higher, at 73/100. Stay clear of BetOlimp if you intend to bet that a match will end in a draw, as this odds are much lower.


Betser also boasts a rich offer for rugby union betting, including a range of markets for the Six Nations Championship, including Outright, Winner, and specific match selections. At 37/50 the outright odds for England to win are lower than the ones offered by BetOlimp. On the other hand, if you think that the Irish are going to win, you will be offered odds at 27/10, higher than what most operators offer. Wales and Scotland are tied at 35/4, lower than what most other operators offer, whereas the odds for the French are 43/4. The odds for Italy are standardly high 990/1.

When it comes to match betting, the odds for the favourites to win for each of the three Week 1 matches are lower than the odds offered by BetOlimp, but if you feel that a match is going to end in a draw, you will get much better odds.

Big Bet World

Big Bet World currently only offers outright betting on the Six Nations Championship 2018. The odds if you wish to bet on England are 4/5 and that’s as high as they get, you probably won’t find a bookmaker that offers better odds. If you think that the Irish might win, the odds for that bet are 5/2, and the odds for Scotland are 9/1, both pretty average. 11/1 are the odds for Wales to win and 12/1 the odds for France, both pretty high. All in all, it seems that the outright odds at Big Bet World are pretty fair, but we’ll need to wait for the individual match odds to be released in order to judge the overall Six Nations 2018 offer.


TonyBet also offers only outright betting, at least for the time being. The odds for England to win are at 18/25, which, compared to other operators, is pretty low. The odds for Ireland to win are 11/4, as high as they get. The odds for Scotland and Wales are tied at 9/1, equal to the odds offered by Betfinal. The odds for France are 10/1, which again is pretty low, but if you think that the Italians might win you will get a total of £1,000 for a wager of just £1.