Rugby Union Gallagher Premiership Odds

Rugby Union Gallagher Premiership OddsThe Gallagher Premiership Rugby, commonly known as the Premiership Rugby, is England’s top division in the rugby union system. The 12 clubs which play in the championship are promoted to the European Rugby Union Cup and the European Rugby Challenge Cup, Europe’s two main club competitions which consist of teams from other leagues as well.

The Premiership Rugby competition started in 1987. It has evolved over the years bit by bit until it reached the current format. Before 1972, the English Rugby Union was strictly against the idea of forming leagues and cups. The teams played traditional matches they arranged on their own, with County Cups and a Championship the only competitions they organized.

In 1972, the Rugby Union sanctioned a national knock-out cup, pushing traditional games out of the picture. Over time, the Union’s stance on leagues and cups lessened, resulting in the formation of the formation of Courage leagues in 1987. The first season of the National Courage League featured 12 teams and drew a lot of interest from many sponsors. The 1994-1995 season was the first to be televised and the first to feature a full schedule of home and away games. From there, the Rugby Union Premiership gained many sponsors over the years which led to the changing of the name (currently called Rugby Union Gallagher Premiership for sponsorship reasons).

The 12 teams in the Premiership come from England, with the Leicester Tigers being the most decorated team with 10 titles. The current champions are the Saracens, who have won their 4th title in team history and their 3rd in the last 4 years. The Saracens were dominant on the final against the Exeter Chiefs, defeating them with a powerful showing. Thanks to this and their dominance in the Premiership in the past few years, the Saracens are again the main favourites for the upcoming season of the Premiership which will start on August 31, 2018.

Saracens – A Heavy Favourite Once More

Rugby Union Gallagher Premiership OddsWinning their 3rd title in the past 4 years, it’s clear that the Saracens are a heavy title favourite once again. They’re backed up by experts and bookmakers as well, with no one seeing past them for the upcoming Premiership. With Owen Farrell in their side, the Saracens are likely to beat anyone standing on their way to a new Premiership.

With more than a month to go until the start of the Premiership, the Saracens are given odds of 6/5 at major bookies such as Sport Nation, Red Zone Sports, Mansion Bet, Sport Pesa, and Ole777. According to experts, only the Chiefs may bring the Saracens’ title chances in trouble, with rarely any other team close to the Barnet outfit.

Their last match, however, in the 2018 final, wasn’t so close. The Sarries beat the Chiefs 10-27, with Mako Vunipola winning the man of the match award. It was a one-sided match in which the Saracens showed why they will be a dominant force for years to come. Exeter may have led the table during the regular season, but the Sarries were a tour-de-force in the playoffs on their way to a well-deserved title.

Can the Chiefs Stop The Sarries’ Riot?

Rugby Union Gallagher Premiership OddsEven though they’ve failed to defeat the Saracens in the final, the Exeter Chiefs were quite dominant in the regular season, winning their matches against the Saracens and destroying other opponents. They finished first on the table before the playoffs and were considered a big favourite for last year’s title as their dominant run continued in the playoffs.

The Exeter Chiefs won the 16-17 Premiership by narrowly defeating the Wasps in the final (20-23) after extra time. That season was a quite memorable one thanks to the tight battle between the Wasps and the Chiefs which culminated in the final. The Saracens were defeated by the Chiefs in the semi-finals who went on to win their first title in team history.

Although the Sarries are the favourite for next year’s Premiership, bookmakers have placed the Chiefs just behind them. They are given odds of 39/20 at Sport Pesa, Ole777, Sport Nation, Red Zone Sports and Mansion Bet, which means that bookies believe they will be around the top this year as well. These odds are great for experienced punters who are always on the lookout for interesting odds that will get them a bit more money in return. The Saracens’ odds are attractive as well, but with the Chiefs’ odds coming that close, why not put a few quid on them?

Can Someone Else Break the Dominance of the Saracens?

Rugby Union Gallagher Premiership OddsThe most interesting question about next year’s Premiership is whether any other team can break the hegemony of the Barnet club. With 3 titles in 4 years and 4 in the last 8, the Saracens look set to continue their incredible dominance in the Premiership. They are primed for another title this year, with the Chiefs being their only real opponent.

At least that’s how bookies see it. There’s no team with great odds other than the Saracens or Chiefs for next year’s title. The Wasps come the closest with odds of 27/4 (Red Zone Sports, Sport Nation, Ole777, Sport Pesa, Mansion Bet), which may look enticing but are far behind the first two favourites. There’s literally no rugby expert who will give other teams (besides the Sarries and Chiefs) a shot at the title, so you may want to stick to the favourites this time.

The Premiership’s most decorated team, Leicester Tigers are fourth in line with odds of 39/4 at Sport Pesa, Ole777, Sport Nation, Red Zone Sports, and Mansion Bet. These odds clearly show how big the gap between the two first favourites and the rest of the league is.

Going further down the list, Gloucester is given odds of 13/1, with bath following after them with odds of 21/1. The unlikeliest champion for next year’s Premiership are the Worchester Warriors, who stand at a horrible 275/1 at the aforementioned bookies.

As you can see, bookies believe that the Sarries dominance over the Premiership will continue, with their main rivals
Chiefs waiting their chance lurking in the shadows. If you ask us, the odds for both are quite enticing – betting on the heavy favourite Saracens will more than double your money, and betting on the Chiefs will nearly triple your investment. Pick your side and place a reasonable bet – we’re surely in for an exciting season!