Royal Family Specials 2019 Betting and Odds Preview

royal familyMeghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, married Prince Harry earlier this year, and as soon as the ceremony ended, everyone was waiting on news about the new Royal baby. Not long ago, the Royal couple announced they’re expecting their first child. The Sussex baby is due in Spring 2019, but not much else is known at this point.

This left the public speculating about the baby’s possible gender, name, and the date of birth as well. Traditionally, Royal couples don’t learn the gender of the baby themselves, and even if they do know it privately, they certainly won’t share that information. Of course, everyone has their own preferences, with Prince Harry announcing his desire for a baby girl while on a tour recently. Princess Diana broke tradition before and supposedly knew about the gender of the boys beforehand, but it remains to be seen if the proud parents of the Sussex baby will do the same.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s lavish wedding took place in May 2018, with Queen Elizabeth II conferring the titles of Duchess of Sussex to Markle and Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel to Prince Harry. Like always, the wedding received a lot of attention from the public, with many well-known political figures and celebrities attending it.

Since the news about the new Royal baby broke out, bookies were fast to announce the odds for the baby’s name, time, and date of birth. Betting on the Royal baby’s name has been a tradition in the UK for quite a long time, and it won’t be any different for the Sussex baby.


sportpesaAfter years of dominating the African betting market, SportPesa came to Europe in partnership with TGP Europe and has instantly won the hearts of thousands of UK punters. Besides football, horse racing, and a few dozen other sports, this bookie offers betting in several special markets, Royal Family included.

When it comes to the baby’s name, which is one of the most popular categories for punters to bet on when it comes to Royal babies, Philip/Phillip is in the lead with odds of 11/1. Due to the fact that the public is quite sure the baby will be a girl, Diana and Alice come next with odds of 12/1, with the names Arthur and James being given the same chances. Victoria, Elizabeth, and Edward come next with odds of 14/1, 16/1, and 18/1 respectively.

The unlikeliest names to be given to the Sussex baby are Michael and David, sitting at the bottom of the list with odds of 100/1. SportPesa also has a few more categories related to the birth of the Sussex baby. Punters can predict the day of birth of the Royal baby, with all days of the week being given the same odds – 5/1. Finally, you can also predict if the baby will be born before or after midnight at evens odds.

If you ask us, we’d stick with the names market as the choices offer a more-than-solid return.


mansionbetMansionBet has long been a juggernaut in online gambling before entering sports betting. Since being launched earlier this year, it has attracted many punters with its great odds and specials, and of course, the wide range of sports and markets.

The specials section at MansionBet offers odds on the Sussex baby’s name, day and time of birth. The bookie thinks that the baby will be named either Philip or Phillip if it’s a boy, giving this option odds of 11/1. If the baby’s a girl, it will most likely be named Diana after Prince Harry’s mother Princess Diana or Alice. Both options are available at 12/1, just like Arthur and James. Down the list, William is being given odds of 22/1, while Louis is close to the bottom with odds of 80/1. Considering the attractive odds for some of the top choices, we wouldn’t give the names from the bottom of the list much consideration.

When it comes to the day of birth, MansionBet is understandably giving all days of the week odds of 5/1. If you think you can predict at what time of the day the baby will be born, AM and PM are available at evens odds. From our point of view, it’s best to stick to the names market, since it offers quite enticing odds and a long list of options.


fun88Fun88 is one of the most popular betting operators in the UK and there are many reasons why. Besides the smart investments and partnerships with Premier League clubs, the bookie offers great odds for football and has a wide range of other sports you can pick from. Of course, they aren’t lagging behind when it comes to the Royal Family Specials, offering odds on the Sussex baby’s name, date of birth and time of birth as well.

Philip is once again on the top of the list of names with odds of 11/1. If the public is right and the baby is a girl, it will most likely be named Alice or Diana, with both names available at 12/1. Arthur and James are available at 12/1 as well. If you think the baby will be named Albert or Grace, you can bet at odds of 22/1. Harry and Sophie are in the middle of the list of names with odds of 50/1, while Michael and David are the unlikeliest names for the Sussex baby, available at quite high odds of 100/1.

Fun88 offers even money odds for the baby to be born in the AM or PM. If you think you can predict the exact day of birth, you can do so at odds of 5/1 for each day of the week. However, since we don’t know much about the delivery date, it will be quite challenging to predict the date of birth. Predicting the name, however, is a much more attractive option.


redzonesportsRedZoneSports is an exciting newcomer on the British online betting market. The site offers a great range of sports which go beyond football and horse racing, which is why many UK punters are attracted to it. American sports fans will definitely like RedZoneSports as it offers betting on popular American sports such as the NFL.

When it comes to the Royal Family Specials, RedZoneSports gives punters the option to predict the name of the Sussex baby, with Phillip being the frontrunner (11/1). Diana, Alice, James, and Arthur are next in line with 12/1, while Edward and Alexander are available at 18/1 and 20/1 respectively. If you think the baby will be a boy named Francis or William, you can place a bet on odds of 22/1. We’d stick with the top choices on the list though since the odds are quite good and we think the baby will be named traditionally.

The AM/PM market offers even odds for both choices, while in the Day of Birth category, you can predict which day the baby will be born at odds of 5/1 Monday-Sunday.


sportnationJust like RedZoneSports, SportNation is a brand-new bookie on the UK online betting market, and in its short time on the scene, it did nicely to attract a huge number of punters. It’s not hard to see why – there are many sports to pick from, the odds are competitive, and the specials add a nice touch to an otherwise loaded collection of sports.

SportNation has a few special markets in store for the Sussex baby. Everyone’s impatient to learn the sex of the baby and although SportNation doesn’t offer betting in that market, it gives punters the option to predict the name. Philip/Phillip is once again the most likely name to be given to the Royal baby and is available at 11/1. Diana and Alice come next at 12/1, while other historical names such as William and Thomas are available at 22/1 and 40/1 respectively.

SportNation also gives punters an option to correctly predict the birth time of the baby – both AM and PM are available at 1/1. When it comes to the day of birth, all options from Monday to Sunday are available at 5/1. Due to the long list of names available for punters to predict and the enticing odds, we’d place our bets in this market.