Nobel Prize Odds 2018

The Nobel Prize is the biggest acknowledgement a person can get in its lifetime. It is also the time of the year, when bettors can try to make some money by betting on the Nobel Prize candidates in different categories.

The speculations about the potential Nobel Peace Prize nominees in the past months were insane. Almost everyone from Kim Jong Un to the Pope were speculated to be nominated for the prize. Now, when it is actually 2018, people speculate that the short list is currently reduced to two worldly leaders: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin

However strange it may seem for presidents of countries that are constantly in conflict with other countries of the world to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, it is actually the practice every year. However, let us not get into politics, and see the odds that some of the biggest bookies have posted for the different Nobel Prize categories.


Energybet is the ultimate rising star in the online sports betting industry. It is an award-winning operator and brand reaping a dozen awards in just two years from forming. This is a big hotspot for bettors from the UK that want to wager on sports, but on events like the giving of Nobel Prize.

Currently, EnergyBet has all the odds you need for the Nobel Prize in Literature, which will be given in September this year to one of the nominees. Ngugi Wa Thiong’o from Kenya has the best odds to win the prize for his work standing at 5/1, followed by Haruki Murakami from Japan with odds 8/1 and Margaret Atwood with odds 10/1. You can bet on three Nobel Prize nominees more. These are some nice odds to make some money!

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Everyone knows of Ladbrokes in the UK, so it is not really necessary to give them an introduction. The company has been around since always and has shaped the very sports betting industry that we are seeing today.

At Ladbrokes, you can score a welcome bonus too in the form of a £50 free bet. Use that to bet on the Nobel Prize 2018, or on the wide selection of sports. By the time the Nobel Prize awarding ceremony happens, you will score many tasty bonuses to use for Nobel Prize betting.

The odds for the Nobel Prize in Literature are up at Ladbrokes too. The top three nominees are virtually the same nominees and wit the same odds as those at EnergyBet.


The quirkiest UK bookie of them all, PaddyPower, has a different Nobel Prize bet to offer you. Instead of betting on boring nominations such as the Nobel Prize in Literature, people whose works you will never read, at PaddyPower you can be if Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will be getting a joint Nobel Peace Prize. How crazy would that be?!? Nevertheless, wait until you see the odds for this: 25/1. Would you pass on this opportunity?

Donald Trump

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