MotoGP 2018 Odds

Please keep in mind that all odds mentioned are accurate at the time published on 10:09 AM, 12/03/2018 and are likely to change over time.

motogp 2018The biggest event of the year for MotoGP is almost upon us and fans and betting enthusiasts who already circled March 18th on their calendars as soon as last season ended can’t wait for all the action to begin once again.

The MotoGP is divided into three classes – the premier event MotoGP, Moto 2, and Moto 3. The championship features 19 races in total, with the highest number (12) held in Europe, four being held in Asia, two in the Americas and only once race in Oceania.

The MotoGP Championship features two categories for the title – rider and constructors champion determined by a points system. The current reigning champion is Marc Marquez who won the title last year in front of Andrea Dovizioso. The Spaniard is leading the top of the rider’s standings this season as well and is the main favourite for winning the championship two years in a row and for the fifth time in his career.

The Qatar Grand Prix and the Losail Circuit will be the first to host the world’s greatest motorcycle racers and the guessing game about who will win MotoGP 2018 is now into full swing. We are going to do our bit towards this common goal and provide you with a detailed overview of the MotoGP 2018 outright winner odds and chances which are provided by six of the best MotoGP betting operators.


energybetEnergyBet offers a vastly different offer for the MotoGP odds 2018 market when you put them side by side with all other betting operators. Marc Marquez is the favourite to win the accolades according to them, and here they are pretty much on the same page as all other bookmakers. However, the odds given for his victory are almost two times lower than those of competing bookmakers and are currently 3/8.

In addition to this, Andrea Dovizioso (28/5) is not their second biggest favourite for the title as they opt to put Jorge Lorenzo in that position – 24/5. Dovizioso is also not the third favourite for EnergyBet as Maverick Vinales is in front of him with odds of 26/5. In general, the odds for all candidates at EnergyBet are slightly lower than other bookmakers are offering. It must be said however, that EnergyBet’s welcome bonus of an exclusive £35 free bet when you deposit and bet up to £35 makes up for these lower odds.


fun88Fun88 is another betting operator which has dedicated a lot of time and energy on creating the best MotoGP betting experience possible and if you look at the odds they offer for this year’s edition of the championship you will see what we are talking about.

Marc Marquez is expectedly the most likely candidate to win the 2018 MotoGP with Fun88 and he is given odds of 5/7. He is followed, but not very closely by the rest of the chasing pact which consists of Andrea Dovizioso (11/2), Jorge Lorenzo (13/2), Maverick Vinales (13/2), Valentino Rossi (39/4), Johan Zarco (14/1), Daniel Pedrosa (15/1), Cal Crutchlow (32/1), Andrea Lannone (33/1), Alex Rins (40/1), Jack Miller (63/1), and Danilo Petrucci (93/1). These 11 racers will have a lot of work to do to catch up with Marquez and all of the others below them have astronomical odds to do the same.

If you are betting on the 2018 MotoGP at Fun88 for the first time, you should definitely try out their Welcome Bonus of £28 in free bets when you sign up for a new account.


gentingbetGentingBet offers a real gentleman’s MotoGP betting odds offer to their punters. They boast that they offer the most competitive odds out there and when you take a look at their offer you realize that they have a point.

Marc Marquez is their favourite to win MotoGP 2018 and he is assigned odds of 7/10. Next in line, according to GentingBet, are Andrea Dovizioso 6/1, Maverick Vinales 13/2, and Jorge Lorenzo 13/2. Valentino Rossi trails behind these four as he has odds of 9/1 to do the unexpected and triumph when others are writing him off.

Johann Zarco (14/1), Daniel Pedrosa (16/1), Andrea Lannone (33/1), Cal Crutchlow (33/1) and Alex Rins (40/1) round off the top 10 GentingBet favourites. When you place your first MotoGP 2018 bet with GentingBet you can choose a riskier betting proposition and choose someone like Andrea Dovizioso or Maverick Vinales instead of Marc Marquez, because they offer you a first bet £10 guarantee. This means that if your first bet with them is not successful (and is of minimum £10) then you qualify for a £10 free bet which is on the tab of GentingBet.


sportpesaSportPesa provide a very comprehensive betting offer when it comes to the 2018 MotoGP championship. They rank Marc Marquez as the likeliest candidate to win the whole thing and give him some of the highest odds to achieve this – 5/7. Andrea Dovizioso is next in line with odds of 11/2. Jorge Lorenzo and Maverick Vinales are the third and fourth contenders and they have the same odds of 13/2. The serial former MotoGP winner, Valentino Rossi has odds of 39/4 to do what he does best, and finally, Johann Zarco and Daniel Pedrosa have odds of 14/1 and 15/1 respectively.

On the other end of the spectrum, Thomas Luthi and Xavier Simeon have odds of 1000/1 to do the unthinkable and cause the biggest surprise of recorded sports history. However, we all know that is just not going to happen. SportPesa is a dedicated motorcycle racing betting operator and as a result it offers all of its new punters who deposit £10 with their accounts to automatically claim their £10 free bet.


betfinalBetfinal offers its punters the chance to bet on the 2018 MotoGP championship with some competitive odds. When you wager with them you get a very secure, very fast and very reliable betting experience and we can guarantee that.

Their prime candidate for the 2018 MotoGP title is Marc Marquez and they give him the standard odds of 5/7. As with other bookmakers, Marquez is followed by the diverse chasing pack of Andrea Dovizioso (11/2), Jorge Lorenzo (13/2), Maverick Vinales (13/2) and Valentino Rossi (39/4).

Racers such as Johan Zarco (14/1), Daniel Pedrosa (15/1), Cal Crutchlow (32/1), Andrea Lannone (33/1) and Alex Rins (40/1) are in the second group of favourites and all other contenders below them have much higher odds and much lower chances of winning this year’s edition of the MotoGP. If this is your first wager at Betfinal you will be the benefactor of their generous Welcome Bonus offer which stipulates that if you deposit €25 you will play for €50 courtesy of Betfinal.


sportnationThe Swiss betting company which is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission is one of the safest and most secure betting operators that you can conduct your wagers with. They have been into the MotoGP betting business for some time now and as a result provide punters with a unique MotoGp betting experience.

As with all other bookmakers on this list the clear favourite in the outright winner market for the MotoGP 2018 championship is Marc Marquez and he is given somewhat generous odds of 20/29. Next in line for the much coveted title is Andrea Dovizioso, with odds of 21/4. Jorge Lorenzo and Maverick Vinales are close 3rd and 4th as they have odds of 25/4 and 13/2 respectively. Valentino Rossi (19/2), Johann Zarco (13/1), and Daniel Pedrosa (15/1) close the circle of the 7 racers which are likely to come close to fighting for the title.

If this is your first bet with SportNation you can stake your claim for their generous Welcome Bonus of 50% on your first deposit. This means that if you bet £200, you will get £100 in free bets.