MAD Team vs Alpha Esports Betting and Odds Preview

Please keep in mind that all odds mentioned are accurate at the time of publishing (02:12 PM, 07/02/2019) and are likely to change over time.

League of LegendsEsports betting has really blossomed in the past few years. With dozens of competitive games you can play online and frequent tournaments, it has become a really sought-on market by punters. Apart from Counter-Strike and DOTA, League of Legends (LOL) is one of the most popular multiplayer games you can bet on.

Inspired by the Warcraft III Frozen Throne mod Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), LOL is a freemium type of game developed by Riot Games. Available on Microsoft Windows and iOS, League of Legends can be described as a massive multiplayer online battle arena that includes microtransactions. This means that players get to buy virtual items in the game.

LOL puts teams controlling a “champion” with unique abilities against each other. The goal of the game is to get to the opponent’s nexus (the “heart” of a team’s base which is heavily protected) and destroy it. This is the game’s default mode, although there are many others you can play as well.

The game is known for its massive and highly competitive scene. Riot Games organizes the so-called League Championship Series in Europe that features 10 teams. There are similar leagues in China and other countries, with all of them culminating with the World Championship. With a $1 million prize, every team’s dream is to enter the World Championship and lift the Summoner’s Cup. It all starts with the LMS, though – that’s where the teams ply their trade.

LMS, a LOL league featuring teams from Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong, has a Spring and Summer champion qualifying for the World Championship. Experts say that this year’s battle for LMS Spring champion will be fought between Mad Team and Alpha. League of Legends betting fans will be pleased to know that bookies have already started offering odds for the match, and they’re quite attractive as well.

Event Date: 14 February, 2019


fun88With dozens of sports in its offer and thousands of markets, Fun88 is one of the best bookies on the British market. Featuring special Premier League promos and all the matches in England’s top-flight football, it’s great for new and experienced football punters. Fun88 is also the place where you can place a bet on esports, including the match between MAD Team and Alpha.

The odds for the match come with a big gap between them in all markets offered. The Taiwanese MAD Team is the major favourite with odds of 4/25, with Alpha standing at 15/4. Things aren’t much better in the other markets. MAD Team is the odds-on favourite to win Map 1 and Map 2 (4/13 and 2/7 respectively), and are also in front of Alpha on Map 3 (4/11 vs. 19/10).

As you can see, the odds for the favourite aren’t that great, but you can earn a nice sum of money if you bet on Alpha. MAD Team is much more experienced than newcomer Alpha, but it’s still without a win in the LMS, coming close on a few occasions. If you think that MAD lacks championship spirit and want to give Alpha a try, even a small bet could bring you a nice profit.


sportpesaAfter arriving at the crowded British online sports betting market, SportPesa as done pretty well for itself. Thanks to a few sponsorships deals in the Premier League, SportPesa is a dominant force on the UK betting market right now. Offering numerous sports and thousands of enticing markets, it’s the place to be for new and experienced punters.

LOL Esports fans can easily bet on LMS matches at SportPesa. This includes the showdown between MAD Team and Alpha which is the highlight in this market. The Taiwanese team is once again the heavy favourite. If you’d like to predict the full-time winner, MAD Team stands at odds of 4/25, while Alpha Esports is given odds of 15/4.

If you don’t like the odds, you can try and guess who’ll win the maps. Unfortunately, the odds aren’t better here either. MAD Team is the favourite for all three maps (4/13, 2/7, and 4/11) compared to Alpha’s underdog odds (11/5, 23/10, 19/10).

This, however, might be the shot the Alpha Esports team has been waiting for. If you think that the newly formed team stands a chance against MAD, backing them up will bring you a nice sum if you’re right. If you don’t think they stand a chance, though, betting on MAD Team’s chances isn’t very profitable.


sportnationEven though focused on football and American sports in general, SportNation has an impressive range of sports and markets you can bet on. Thanks to special promotions and enticing rewards, the bookie has managed to become a favourite of many UK punters.

Esports is included in SportNation’s rich offer with the LMS in tow. The match between MAD Team and Alpha that will take place on February 14, 2019, is featured on the site, with the Taiwanese team still being the favourite. Standing at 4/25, there are great chances that MAD will win the match. Compared to them, Alpha’s chances look pretty slim at 15/4.

Things aren’t looking good for Alpha Esports in the other markets as well. They are the underdogs in the Winner of Map 1, 2, and 3 markets, with odds of 11/5, 23/10, and 19/10 respectively. Compared to them, the favourite has odds of 4/13, 2/7, and 4/11.

If Alpha Esports wins the match or at least a map, you stand of earning a nice profit. If you’d like to go with the favourite, you’ll only win a slight return for your bet, so choose your options carefully.


letouOne of the most popular bookies in the UK, Letou has been dominating the market for years. It shows no intention of stopping anytime soon as well. With more than 30 sports in its offer, you can bet on thousands of matches at Letou and claim their great promotions and rewards. Esports betting is included in Letou’s offer, allowing punters to place their bets on several enticing leagues and matches.

When it comes to the first LMS Spring 2019 match between MAD Team and Alpha Esports, there’s no question who the favourite is. MAD is given odds of 4/25 to win the match, with Alpha standing at 15/4. Things aren’t different regarding the winner of maps 1, 2, and 3. MAD Team is once again a heavy favourite over Alpha Esports, who are clearly the underdogs (11/5, 23/10, and 19/10 respectively).

Picking MAD Team isn’t going to be a punter’s favourite option with those odds. Betting on Alpha Esports does make sense, but it’s a far riskier choice as well. Before you rush into things, consider both options carefully and with a clear head.