Indian Premier League Cricket Odds

The eleventh seasons of the Indian Premier League promises another exciting tournament for cricket fans worldwide, especially local visitors with tickets to the events. Starting from April 7th from the Mumbai Wankhede Stadium, the IPL 11 will have 8 of India’s finest battle it out to take the main title home.

This year will see the Royals and Super Kings return after 2 years on the bench and it will also be the first year the umpires use a Decision Review System (DRS). Will the Royal Challengers finally get to claim the title or will the Indians walk away with another cup? Whatever happens, it is bound to be an exciting season.

Naturally, with an event as important as the Indian Premier League scheduled to begin in a month, online bookmakers have launched betting odds for the most loyal fans and supporters of the league. Although the markets aren’t as diverse as when you bet on football or basketball, there will still be an opportunity to turn your passion and knowledge of cricket into some solid profits. If you’re interested in finding out about the latest odds for the IPL 11, here’s what today’s top bookmakers have to offer.


BetFinal is an online betting site that has been providing betting services since 2014. Small but not without experience, this online bookmaker offers a platform for regular and live betting with over 60,000 monthly events and, since more recently, an online casino site.

For Cricket bettors, BetFinal offers a solid range of events, including the IPL, the Pakistan Super League, as well as the World Cup. For the IPL 11, the site only offers an outright winner market and no other betting options. The clear favourite to win the tournament is the Sunrisers Hyderabad, who are given 9/2 odds, while the Rajasthan Royals, Bangalore Royal Challengers, and Mumbai Indians are the second-best and given the same 5/1 odds.

The Kolkata Knight Riders are placed on the 5th spot with odds of 11/2 and they are followed by the Chennai Super Kings (13/2) and Kings XI Punjab (9/1). Naturally, the most profitable odds of 11/1 are given for the Delhi Daredevils which have the lowest chance of winning the tournament. And if you’re a new member of the site, you can also grab a sign-up bonus of up to €25 to spend on the IPL 11.


Fun88 is an experienced online bookmaker that has been active since 2009. Apart from the IPL, Cricket bettors at the platform can also bet on the Pakistan Super League, the Twenty20 World Cup, as well as the World Cup 2019, to name a few.

For the IPL 11, Fun 88 offers a similar choice of betting options like most online bookmakers. The only available market for the Premier League is the Outright Winner market where The Sunrises are, unsurprisingly, the favourite to take home the cup with 9/2 odds. The Indians, Royal Challengers, and Rajasthan Royals are given more profitable odds, with each team listed at 5/1 odds for winning. Backing any of these teams as a winner will give you a more profitable return than backing the clear favourite.

Even more money can be made by betting on some of the 2018 underdogs if you feel like the moment is right for them to take the win. The Knight Riders and Super Kings have both won the title before and they are listed under odds of 11/2 and 13/2, respectively, while the Kings XI Punjab and the Delhi Daredevils, understandably, have the lowest odds of 9/1 and 11/1.


SportNation is a Swiss-based online bookmaker with a gambling license from the UK Gambling Commission. Among the many betting options at SportNation, you’ll also a find a small selection of Cricket betting markets, including events like World Cup, Twenty20, and the New Zealand Plunket Shield, as well as a special blog on Cricket with betting tips for popular events.

The only market for the IPL 11 here is the Outright Winner market, which offers somewhat lower odds than with other online bookmakers. The Sunrisers Hyderabad, for example, have odds of 17/4 for winning where most bookmakers give them odds of 9/2. The Royals, the Royal Challengers, and the Mumbai Indians are given the same odds of 19/4, which are likewise lower. But even here profits can be made on the Knight Riders, which have odds of 21/4, and the Chennai Super Kings, which are given odds of 25/4.

The Kings XI Punjab and the Delhi Daredevils have the most lucrative odds here of 35/4 and 21/2, respectively, but they are not the safest team to bet on. For more profits, you can instead check out the £100 bonus that’s offered to any new user at SportNation.


EnergyBet is a unique online betting site that was launched out of Malta but is open to many countries in Europe and across the world. The ICC World Cup, One Day Internationals, and the Twenty20 Bash are only some of the events you can find at this bookmaker.

Like other bookmakers, EnergyBet has only an Outright Winner market open for the Indian Premier League 2018. However, what is different with this bookmaker are the odds, which are slightly better than the odds you can find at other competitors. If the Sunrisers Hyderabad are your favourite, you’ll find them at odds of 51/10 here, just like the Royal Challengers. The clear winners for EnergyBet are the Mumbai Indians, who are given odds of 23/5 for winning, while the former champions Rajasthan Royals are given even more profitable odds of 61/10 which they share with the Knight Riders and the Super Kings.

At the bottom of the table, you can find the Kings XI Punjab, who have odds of 87/10, and the Delhi Daredevils, which have odds of 10/1. However, there’s no current promo offer for new Cricket bettors that can help you boost up your profits on the IPL 11.


BetOlimp is another online bookmaker that offers cricket betting alongside a variety of other sports markets as well as an online casino. Part of the Olimp Group, which has been in operation since 2004, BetOlimp offers standard options like the IPL and the Pakistan Super League but also events like the Nidahas T20 tri-series.

The Mumbai Indians are the favourite at BetOlimp for winning the IPL 11 as they are given odds of 17/4 for taking home the title. The Sunrisers and Royal Challengers come close behind with the same 19/4 odds and are followed by the Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals, which are given better odds than with BetFinal, or 11/2. The Chennai Super Kings, on the other hand, have odds of 6/1 while the Kings XI Punjab and the Delhi Daredevils are at the bottom of the table and they are given odds of 31/4 and 10/1, respectively.

If you make a single bet on any of the teams for the IPL 11, you can also become eligible for the welcome bonus at BetOlimp. The bonus is a 100% matching offer with a total value of £100 and it is open to any new user.


Born out of a successful online casino, Betser is an online bookmaker that offers sportsbetting services but with a focus on player engagement and gamification. Apart from offering bets on the Indian Premier League, the site also offers markets for events like the Ashes, New Zealand Plunket Shield, the World Cup, and more.

For IPL bettors, Betser offers the same odds as BetFinal and Fun 88. Namely, the bookmaker gives the least profitable odds of 9/2 for the Sunrisers Hyderabad, who are pinned as the favourite, while the Rajasthan Royals, the Royal Challengers, and the Mumbai Indians all share the same 5/1 odds. Those betting on the Chennai Super Kings will be able to make a better profit here as the team is given 13/2 odds, with the Knight Riders following close behind with odds of 11/2. The Kings Xi Punjab are second-last on the table with odds of 9/1 and they are followed by the Daredevils, who have odds of 11/1.