Formula 1 UK GP Preview

Please keep in mind that all odds mentioned are accurate at the time published on 10:26 AM, 03/07/2018 and are likely to change over time.

Formula 1 UK GP PreviewThe British Formula One Grand Prix is one of the most famed racing circuits in the fastest show on Earth. It has been held since 1950 at the popular Silverstone Circuit, which has seen many great drivers win and lose Formula One titles in the past.

The British GP is the oldest race in the Formula One championship and the only one along with the Italian Grand Prix which has been featured in all seasons of the championship. It has been designated European Grand Prix up until 1977 which was common for all races on European circuits. Since 1978, the race was designated the British GP, with the winner being awarded the prestigious British Grand Prix trophy.

Current champion Lewis Hamilton is one of the drivers with most wins at the British GP, 5, a record he shares with the legendary Jim Clark and Alain Prost. Hamilton’s disastrous Austrian GP last weekend which he didn’t even finish put a dent in his title hopes, as his main opponent Sebastian Vettel ended on the third place at the podium and managed to get a lead over Hamilton in the driver’s standings. Ferrari is leading Mercedes in the Constructors Championship standings as well, so the British GP will surely be a race where both teams will be looking to be at their best.

Can Lewis Hamilton Continue His Dominance at Silverstone?

Formula 1 UK GP Preview
Lewis Hamilton

Current Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton has dominated the British GP in the past four years, winning each time. However, questions about Mercedes’ dominance raised many eyebrows last weekend at the Austrian GP, with both their drivers (Hamilton and Bottas) not finishing the race due to technical problems.

It’s certainly a big blow for the Englishman who was narrowly leading the driver’s standings over Vettel. The German didn’t win either (Red Bull’s Max Verstappen did), but he came third on the podium behind Kimi Raikkonen, overtaking Hamilton at the top spot by a point. It remains to be seen if Verstappen, who’s exceeding all expectations this year and other drivers such as Raikkonen and Vettel can harm Hamilton’s and Mercedes’ chances of a championship even further.

Still, Hamilton remains the clear favourite for the British GP. He’s being given evens odds at most major bookies, including Letou, SportNation, SportPesa, Ole777, and Fun88. This won’t give you much in return, but it will still double your money, so betting on the Englishman is certainly worth a shot.

Can Sebastian Vettel Win His Second British GP?

After a few disappointing years at Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel is certainly reminding everyone of how good a driver he is. The German was adamant for changes in the offseason and Ferrari improved their car. With three wins this season, Vettel is showing that Hamilton won’t have it easy this season. Ferrari is leading the Constructor’s Championship as well, meaning that the Italian team is taking things seriously this season.

The timing is certainly right for a new Ferrari title. Their fans have been waiting for a championship since 2007 when Kimi Raikkonen finished first in his Ferrari debut season. Fortunately, the wait may finally be over as Vettel is currently leading the standings over Hamilton and will be looking to ascertain his place at the top.

Now, the odds at major bookies for the British GP may not reflect that (16/5 at the aforementioned bookmakers) but make no mistake – Vettel will take his chances as soon as he sees an opening. He’s the best German Formula One driver since the great Michael Schumacher, and with four championships under his belt, he certainly doesn’t lack quality.

This, combined with Mercedes’ lacklustre showing at the Austrian GP, makes Vettel a favourite in the eyes of many experts, which is great news for punters as his odds are pretty attractive.

The Case for Verstappen

Formula 1 UK GP Preview
Sebastian Vettel

Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen is one of the best young drivers Formula One has seen since Hamilton and Vettel. The Dutch driver is the youngest-ever winner of a Grand Prix (2016 Spanish GP) – he was only 17 years old at the time, breaking Vettel’s youngest race winner record (18 years).

This year, Verstappen has managed to win the Austrian GP in front of the Ferrari double Raikkonen-Vettel. He’s currently 5th in the driver’s standings, locked in a tight battle with Valtteri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo for a higher spot. Even Raikkonen is not too far away from the Dutch driver, so his chances of finishing higher up the table are certainly great. Who knows, with a few more wins, Verstappen may even enter the battle for the championship, where Hamilton and Vettel are currently the biggest favourites.

Max Verstappen is understandably not the favourite for the British GP, even after winning the previous race – this honour goes to Hamilton and Vettel. Still, he’s the fourth favourite at Fun88, Ole777, Letou, SportPesa, and SportNation, being given quite enticing odds of 21/4. Now, some punters may mark him as an outsider or at least darkhorse for the British GP but considering the fact that his odds were similar for the Austrian GP and he won the race, he might be a good choice. Plus, at 21/4, a Verstappen win would bring you lots of money in return.

Can Alonso or Raikkonen Win The Race?

Both Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen are former double Formula One champions who have struggled to win in recent years. Young guns such as Hamilton and Vettel have taken the Formula One championship by storm, pushing older drivers behind and closer to retirement. However, this doesn’t mean that Alonso or Raikkonen should be dismissed.

Raikkonen is currently 3rd in the Driver’s Championship standings, only one win away from overtaking the first spot. Alonso fares worse coming in at number 8, but his driving qualities are undisputed and he always drives to win, making him a dangerous opponent for any favourite.

Currently, Raikkonen is being given 11/1 odds at SportPesa, Fun88, Letou, Ole777, and SportNation, which almost guarantees a Top-6 or Top-10 position for the Finnish racing legend. Let’s not forget that he finished second at the Austrian GP, giving him a great advantage over drivers such as Verstappen, Bottas, and Alonso.

The Spaniard’s chances are not exactly great – he stands at odds of 975/1 at the same bookies. However, he has 32 GP wins and is a two-time world champion, so he should never be considered an outsider.