Formula 1 Germany GP

Please keep in mind that all odds mentioned are accurate at the time published on 01:40 PM, 10/07/2018 and are likely to change over time.

Formula 1 Germany GPThe 2018 Formula 1 Germany Grand Prix will be held at the Hockenheimring on Sunday, 22 July, with qualifications taking place the day before. The biennial automobile race has been held for 75 times up to now since the inaugural race in 1926. The race has been held on 3 different circuits over time – the Nürburgring, Hochenheimring, and on some occasions at the AVUS circuit near Berlin.

The German GP is on Formula 1’s calendar since 1951, as Germany couldn’t take part in international competitions after World War II. It was designated Europe GP 4 times between 1954 and 1974 and is organized by the Automotive Club of Germany (AvD). The last German Grand Prix was held in 2016 at the Hockenheimring.

Since the inaugural race, Ferrari has dominated the German GP, winning it 22 times, whereas Mercedes has managed to win it only 10 times. Rudolf Caracciola is the ultimate leader of the German GP with 6 wins, while the legendary Michael Schumacher won it 4 times. Current champion Lewis Hamilton has won 3 times at the German GP, with his last win coming in 2016 when he extended the lead over Nico Rosberg in the Driver’s Standings but lost the title to the German later.

After skipping 2017, the German GP is back this year and will definitely be one of the most exciting races of the season. Hamilton and Vettel are locked in a tight battle for the title, with the German driver overcoming Hamilton in the last 2 races and opening up an 8 point lead. It may not seem significant, but every little bit counts, and if Vettel continues his fine form at the Hockenheimring, Hamilton will have a hard time climbing back up to the first place.

Can Hamilton Turn the Tide?

Formula 1 Germany GP
Lewis Hamilton

The battle for the top between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel has made the current Formula 1 greatly exciting for fans. Since the start of the championship, the top two drivers in this year’s championship have engaged in a furious battle and it seems like no one will bulge. Hamilton was leading narrowly for a while until the last 2 races, where technical problems and Vettel’s win at the British GP resulted in the German taking over the lead. It’s narrow at only 8 points at the moment but gives Vettel an edge over Hamilton.

Furthermore, Mercedes’ struggles in the past few races and Hamilton’s comments about Ferrari’s “interesting tactics” (which he later admitted were “dumb”) threw shade over the current champion’s chances, who’s obviously cracking under the pressure of winning a fifth title.

Still, Hamilton is considered a favourite for the race, with bookies giving him the nod over Sebastian Vettel. The British driver is 27/20 at RedZoneSports and 13/10 at SportNation, Letou, Ole777, and Fun88. These odds are only slightly better than Vettel’s 8/5 (33/20 at RedZoneSports), which means that we’re in for an exciting race.

Will Ferrari’s Dominance at The German GP Continue?

Vettel has been in a pretty good run of form lately, coming second on the podium at the Austrian GP two weeks ago and winning the British GP last week. This helped him overtake Hamilton as the leading driver in this year’s Formula 1 championship and makes him a major favourite for the German GP. Vettel will certainly be looking to extend the lead over Hamilton in front of his loyal fans.

Another thing that goes in favour of the German driver and Ferrari is their undisputed dominance at the German GP. Ferrari has won the race 22 times, although the last win came in 2012 (Fernando Alonso). This year’s German GP may prove crucial for the Italian manufacturer as well, currently holding a 20-point lead over Mercedes in the Constructor Championship standings. Furthermore, it can be the race where Vettel opens up a bigger lead over Hamilton on his way to a much-awaited title.

The German driver stands at 8/5 at Ole777, Letou, Fun88, and SportNation, and 33/20 at RedZoneSports. This means that bookies believe there’s almost no difference between him and Hamilton for the German GP, so we’re surely in for a great show.

Valtteri Bottas – A Dark Horse?

Formula 1 Germany GP
Valtteri Bottas

Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas is enjoying quite a fruitful season. He finished second on 4 occasions this year even winning a pole position at the Austrian GP. Bottas is currently sitting at the fourth place in the Driver’s Standings and should be considered a dangerous opponent for the favourites. Of course, he’s not the heavy favourite for the German GP nor the championship, but with 3 GP wins on his resume he could certainly prove a challenging opponent for Hamilton and Vettel, especially halfway through the season.

Bottas is being given odds of 15/2 at RedZoneSports and 29/4 at SportNation, Ole777, Fun88, and Letou. Now, these odds might seem like a far cry from Hamilton and Vettel but being placed right behind them with such enticing odds might make Bottas a favourite for many punters. Of course, Hamilton and Vettel are more likely to win the race, but Bottas is not without chances and betting on him will bring you a nice amount of money in return. The Formula 1 is the fastest and craziest show on Earth, so surprises are bound to happen.

Can Ricciardo or Raikkonen Surprise The Favourites?

Outside of Hamilton, Vettel, and Bottas to a degree, bookmakers are not giving other drivers big chances of winning the German Grand Prix. Surprise Austrian GP winner Max Verstappen is right behind Bottas with odds of 35/4 at RedZoneSports and 17/2 at Fun88, Letou, SportNation, and Ole777.

Right behind the Dutch driver are the immortal Kimi Raikkonen and this year’s pleasant surprise Daniel Ricciardo, who already managed to win twice in 2018 (China and Monaco GP). Both stand at 19/2 at Fun88, Letou, Ole777, and SportNation and 39/4 at RedZoneSports.

Still, regardless of their skills, these drivers are most likely to battle for a spot at the podium in a best-case scenario. They can’t be considered favourites, not with Vettel and Hamilton driving. If, however, the two heavy favourites fail to finish the race or are penalized, you can expect someone from the trio of Ricciardo, Raikkonen, and Verstappen to make a shot for the first place. Of course, if Valtteri Bottas isn’t in front of them.

All the odds guarantee that the German GP this year has the potential to be a blast. If you’ve been planning on betting on the race, Vettel’s and Hamilton’s odds will bring you more than double your wager. If you think that we’re in for a surprise this weekend, the odds for the other drivers are certainly more enticing. Place a bet on Bottas or Verstappen, for example, and you could get thousands in return.