Grab Five Minute Payouts with SportNation and RedZoneSports

Grab Five Minute Payouts with SportNation and RedZoneSportsThe Championship has already kicked off while the Premier League is finally on its way but there’s plenty of time to get involved with a month-long promotion from both SportNation and RedZoneSports. Under the terms of the deal, simply pick a winning team from a set of qualifying games in August and, if that selection scores in the first five minutes, you will be paid out regardless of the final result.

The operators are owned by the same company and the promos are identical so you can use either, or both of these sites as you wish. It’s available to all customers and here’s how it all works.

Significant Terms

To get involved, sign on to your existing accounts or sign up for SportNation or RedZoneSports as a new customer by following this link. The offers apply to qualifying Championship and Premier League games only so check the schedule before placing your bets.

Having identified the game, select a winner and simply bet on that side to win the match. You can bet up to £1,000 at this point so there is a generous upper limit for high rollers who want to get involved.

Having placed the bet, wait for kick off and then, if your team scores between the first whistle and the fifth minute (goals up to 04:59 are considered as qualifiers), either bookmaker will pay you out as a winner no matter what happens in the rest of the game.

Profits are paid in cash within 24 hours of settlement and there are no rollovers to play through so, if you do land a winner, you can simply withdraw your winnings or continue playing if you prefer.

Qualifying Games

Grab Five Minute Payouts with SportNation and RedZoneSportsThe full list of qualifying matches is shown on the offers page of the SportNation and RedZoneSports websites. These are the games being shown live through August by either BT Sport or Sky Sports and once again, the list is identical no matter which of the two sportsbooks you use.

For the Premier League, it all gets underway on Friday August 10 as Manchester United host Leicester at Old Trafford. Moving through the weekend, Saturday’s fixture list provides us with Newcastle United v Spurs and Wolves v Everton.

On Super Sunday – August 12 – it’s over to Liverpool v West Ham and Arsenal against Premier League Champions Manchester City.

The Championship continues in midweek and on Tuesday night, August 7, Nottingham Forest are at home to West Brom before Saturday’s schedule gives us Derby vs Leeds, live on Sky.

Those are just the live games for the second weekend in August but you can check the full month’s schedule over at SportNation or RedZoneSports.

You can bet once on all qualifying games if you want to and while those are the significant points, you can check up on all terms and conditions as they appear on the respective promotions pages.

Overall, it’s a generous offer, which can be doubled-up at two bookmakers, and can lead to nice profits for those teams who are quick off the mark with early goals.