F1 Australian GP 2018 Odds

Please keep in mind that all odds mentioned are accurate at the time published on 11:34 AM, 20/03/2018 and are likely to change over time.

With Sunday right around the corner, most Formula 1 fans are cancelling other plans for the weekend to reserve time for this year’s Australian Grand Prix. Kicking off the 2018 FIA World Championship from Albert Park, the Australian GP will give a preview of how the season will unroll as the world’s top drivers begin their conquest of the Formula 1 events. This year will also see the race debut of the “halo” cockpit systems after over a year of development and testing.

With the Grand Prix about to launch, it’s not only Formula fans that are gearing up for another season but so are most online bookmakers. Some offering only outright winner markets while others also providing options to bet on specials like the winning margin or the nationality of the winner, you will find plenty of chances to turn some profits online if you’ve been closely watching the preparations. To learn more about what today’s top bookmakers offer, keep reading for the full scoop on Australian GP 2018 odds.


BlackType is a UK-based and licensed online bookmaker with a focus on popular sports in the UK as well as online casino gaming. Unlike other bookmakers online that cover the Australian GP extensively, BlackType has only odds for the outright winner market and doesn’t offer any other betting opportunities. But on the plus side, the site has a £20 sign-up bonus and a “bet free club” that gives you a free bet after 10 consecutive qualifying ones, which can certainly come handy.

As you can expect, Lewis Hamilton is the clear favourite to win this year’s Rolex Grand Prix at BlackType, despite Vettel stealing the title from him last year. But with odds of 1.95, Hamilton might not be the most lucrative driver to bet on. The defending race winner Vettel, on the other hand, is given more profitable odds of 4.20 for winning the race again, and he is followed by Verstappen at 7.00 and Bottas with 7.50 odds. Former two-times winner Raikkonen has been dropped further down the list with odds of 26.00 while other drivers have near-to-impossible odds of winning the race.


RedZoneSports is a UK-licensed bookmaker that’s based in Switzerland and a site that offers both a casino and a sportsbook, with a special focus on US Sports. For the 2018 Australian GP, the betting site has a number of markets in place, including the standard winner market. Naturally, Lewis Hamilton is pinned to take the title with odds of 2.0 while Vettel – the defending title winner – is given 4.25 odds, better than Max Verstappen, (7.00), Valtteri Bottas, (8.00) and Daniel Ricciardo (8.50).

Apart from the winner market, you can also bet on who will be the fastest qualifier or who will end up on the podium at RedZoneSports. Vettel, Hamilton, and Verstappen seem to be the favourites to climb the podium with odds of 1.40, 1.21, and 1.90, respectively, but there’s more profit to be made on Raikkonen or Alonso in this market with odds of 5.00 and 13.00. Other than these markets, the sportsbook also lets you bet on who will finish in the top 6 and the top 10 but also take the hard guess of which driver will have the fastest lap.

You can also take a bet on which team will win here and turn profits with Ferrari and Red Bull, which have more lucrative odds of 3.75 and 3.80, respectively, as well as bet on the winning margin, grid position of the winner, as well as the winning nationality. Understandably, Brits and Germans have smaller odds of 2.0 and 4.20 at this market while Australians are given odds of 8.25.


Another UK-licensed sportsbetting provider with an online casino added to its platform, SportNation offers similar betting odds to RedZoneSports and a diverse betting market for the 2018 Grand Prix. Apart from the winner market, where Hamilton and Vettel are the clear favourites with odds of 2.00 and 4.20, the site also lets you bet on the fastest qualifier market, where Vettel is given lucrative odds of 4.30, as well as on who will win a podium position, where a bet on Bottas could be turned into a profitable return with his 2.0 odds, as long as he ends up in the top 3 once again.

If you’re looking for safer bets, the site also lets you bet on who will end up in the top 10 and top 6, although your chance to make a good profit here will be pretty slim. But if you check out the fastest lap market, you can see better opportunities with Lewis Hamilton having odds of 2.55 and last year’s fastest lap driver Raikkonen having odds of 12.00. And, just like with RedZoneSports, the site also lets you bet on the winning team, the winning margin, grid position of the winner, as well as the winning nationality.


A name many bettors will easily recognize, Fun88 is an online betting company that has been operating since 2009. This UK-licensed betting site offer punters an abundance of betting markets to enjoy, including a wide range of options for the Australian GP. Apart from the outright winner market, where the odds are the same as with other bookmakers, Fun88 also lets you bet on the fastest qualifier, where Hamilton and Vettel are given odds of 1.66 and 4.30, respectively, as well as on who will win a spot on the podium – a market where last year’s runner-up Bottas is given odds of 2.00.

Moving on to the specials, at Fun88 you’ll also find an option to bet on the grid position of the winner, the winning nationality, as well as the winning margin market where the odds are slightly more competitive than with RedZoneSports, or up by 0.5. Betting on the top 10 and 6 markets will give you no different odds than with other bookmakers, except for Bottas, who is given 1.11 odds for finishing in the top 10 unlike the 1.14 given at other bookmakers. But if you want to take some risky shots and turn better profits, you can also bet on the fastest lap market where Raikkonen and Ricciardo are given 12.00 odds. If they have the fastest time again, you can end up cashing out some nice profits.


MintBet is a licensed UK bookmaker that caters mostly to British punters, to whom it offers an array of sports as well as an online casino and virtual sports like horse racing. For punters looking to bet on the Australian Grand Prix, the site doesn’t offer anything else than the outright winner market but it does give users a chance to bet on other popular events like the Drivers’ and Constructor’s Championships.

If you’re not looking for any exotic markets and want to just bet on the winner, MintBet will give you similar odds to what other online bookmakers offer. Slightly lower odds of 1.95 are given only to Lewis Hamilton here but Vettel and Verstappen are just as profitable as with other online sites, having odds of 4.20 and 7.00, respectively. Betting on former winner Raikkonen could also end up giving you solid returns as he’s given odds of 26.00, although the veteran driver is unlikely to take the title again. But if you still want to take the risk, it’s good to know that you can see some of your investments return even when you don’t win with MintBet’s “free bets for life” promo.