David Haye vs Tony Bellew Odds

Please keep in mind that all odds mentioned are accurate at the time published on 10:39 AM, 23/04/2018 and are likely to change over time.
David Haye vs Tony Bellew

When the first David Haye vs. Tony Bellew fight took place on 4th March 2017 at The O2 Arena, in London, the Scouse fighter, Bellew was victorious and came out of the fight as the better man on the day, something which was even admitted by his opponent, the fellow British fighter David Haye.

However, it was later found out that David Haye suffered an injury to his hand early in the fight and that this was the reason why he couldn’t give his best, even though Haye was reluctant to admit this. This meant that what started as an open war of words and punches even before the first match had taken place, ended with both fighters admitting to finding respect for their previously hated opponent.

This gives another dimension to the rematch between the two fighters scheduled to take place at the O2, London, on May 5th. Both fighters claim to be in superb physical condition and these two titans and modern icons of professional boxing will surely give fans a fight to remember.

One way to make the fight even more interesting is to place a bet on one of the many betting propositions offered by bookmakers. In this article we will look at the betting options for the David Haye vs. Tony Bellew rematch offered by five of the most reputable bookmakers in the betting industry.


RedZoneSports is owned and operated by Swiss based Argyll Entertainment, but is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. They should be one of your first options for the David Haye vs. Tony Bellew rematch not just because of their extensive offer of markets and betting propositions, but also because of their supremely generous welcome bonus of 40% on initial deposits of first time customers up to £200.

David Haye is the clear favourite to avenge himself this time round and RedZoneSports offer odds of 10/23 for his victory. Tony Bellew is given odds of 17/10 as the bookmaker clearly feels that he is the underdog in this fight.

RedZoneSports also offers betting on other markets such as the Rounds Full Time one, where if you back the likely outcome of ‘Over 7.5 Rounds’ you can get enticing odds of 5/7.

In addition to this, you can also bet on round winners, whether the fight will go the distance (Yes – 5/2) / (No – 1/4), and the fight outcome (a good option here is David Haye by KO, TKO or Disqualification at 5/7).


SportNation is a Swiss betting provider regulated by the UK Gambling Commission which offers a top David Haye vs. Tony Bellew betting offer. In addition, SportNation frequently treats its clients with high quality betting promotions and bonuses and if you are a new client, you can get a taste of this with their generous Welcome Bonus of 50% on your first deposit. This means that if you bet £200, you will get £100 in free bets.

For the actual David Haye vs. Tony Bellew fight, SportNation offers as many markets as you can possibly think of. David Haye is their undisputed favourite to win the fight and to do this they give him odds of 5/12. Tony Bellew is once again in a position to surprise as he is given higher odds of 17/10 for the same achievement.

SportNation also offers betting on the Rounds Full Time market and if you bet on the ‘Total Rounds – Under 8.5’ betting proposition you can get good odds of 5/7.

An interesting market which SportNation offers and many bookmakers don’t is the Round Group Betting. In it, you can back David Haye to win in rounds 4-6 at amazing odds of 16/5.


EnergyBet is a betting operator working under the Probe Investments Limited brand and is registered, licensed, and regulated in Malta. They offer punters some high quality markets for the David Haye vs. Tony Bellew rematch and if you are their new customer you can use their Welcome Bonus of 100% on all first deposits which can go up to £25 to place a bet of your own on the fight.

As with other bookmakers, David Haye is the favourite with EnergyBet as well and they give him odds of 13/33 to achieve this. Tony Bellew is given odds of 7/4, while the draw goes at 25/1.

When betting with EnergyBet, you can bet on the winning method and can choose one of the following: David Haye by decision (47/10), David Haye by KO, TKO or DQ (7/11), Draw (23), Tony Bellew by Decision (26/5) or Tony Bellew by KO, TKO or DQ (33/10).


LVBet is located and regulated in Malta and is yet another quality option for your David Haye vs. Tony Bellew bet. If this is your first bet with LVBet then you should definitely use their 100% Welcome Bonus of up to €50 and place it on one of the outcomes of the Haye vs Bellew fight extravaganza.

David Haye is the favourite with LVBet and is given odds of 13/33 to win the fight. Tony Bellew’s victory in the first match-up between the two fighters does not make him the favourite at LVBet as they give him pretty high odds of 7/4.

The totals markets are one of the most popular markets at LVBet and you can back various different scenarios at some pretty enticing odds. For example, you can predict that the fight will finish in ‘Over 10.5 Rounds’ – 14/9, ‘Over 9.5 – 5/4, Over 8.5 – 1, Over 7.5 – 5/7, Over 6.5 – 13/25 and so on.


Fun88 is a TGP Europe Ltd betting operator which meets the strictest betting regulations stipulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This is a clear sign that Fun88 is a very safe and secure betting operator. In addition to this, Fun88 always tries to make your betting experience better by providing enticing bonuses such as their up to £28 welcome bonus for new clients.

Fun88 favourizes David Haye in this rematch and they give him odds of 5/12 to come out as the winner of the fight. Tony Bellew is given odds of 17/10, which shows that the bookmaker believes that the Scouse fighter can spring a surprise, but does not believe that it would be right to make him the favourite.

In terms of how the fight will be resolved, Fun88 offers its punters several scenarios with varying odds. For example, if you think that David Haye will win the match by KO, TKO or Disqualification you can get odds of 5/7; if, on the other hand you believe that Tony Bellew will win the match by KO, TKO or Disqualification you will be given enticing odds of 7/2.