Cheltenham Free Bet Offers from 21Bet

21Bet is a fully licenced UK based bookmaker. When 21Bet was formed in 2016, no one thought that it will become as a big as it is today. Thanks to its founder Richard Hogg, 21Bet quickly attracted more than 15k customers in the first 30 days of its existence. Now, 21Bet is one of the bigger UK bookies on the internet competing head to head on the same level with such bookies that have been in the business for almost two decades.

Although 21Bet invests a lot of money in other sports through sponsorships (Wolves, Gloucester Rugby, Waterford FC), it also puts great focus on horseracing and events like Cheltenham. You can claim bonuses specifically tailored for such events or horses in general. To do that, there is a range of widely accepted deposit methods.

The betting odds at 21Bet for Cheltenham and horses are very competitive. That is why 21Bet is regularly included into every major odds comparison table. The website is extremely user-friendly for betting. More importantly, it loads as fast as a lightning. However, let us look at what is offered specifically for the Cheltenham festival.

Cheltenham Free Bet Offer

The Cheltenham free bet promotion runs from Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th March 2018. During those three days, you can cash in multiple ways. The most exciting thing about this promotion is that both winners and losers get a free bet every day.

The way in which this promotion works is the following. You have to bet at least £5 on a single day, and if your selection is a loser, you get free £5 bet in return after the bet was lost. Another way to win a free bet involves placing the same bet amount on any race, and if it wins, you still get a free bet as a prize.

If you correctly guessed 1 winner, you get a £1 free bet. If you guessed 2 winners, you get £3 free bet and so on all the way up to guessing 7 winners, where 21Bet will give you a splendid £250 free bet. Overall, you can grab up to £1000 in free bets between 13th and 16th March.

VIP Cheltenham Free Bet Offer

This offer is only available to customers that have been personally invited to take part of the promotion. In other words, if you are new to 21Bet, you have to prove yourself in order to be considered a VIP. Those that will get an invitation for participation can benefit from a similar reward scheme as the aforementioned for the Free Bet Offer.

The difference here are the huge free bet sizes. Instead of getting a £5 free bet refund for your lost bet, with the VIP offer you get £50 in return. However, keep in mind that you also have to bet £50 in order to qualify for the free bet refund.

Similarly, winning bets of at least £50 are paid out alongside a prize free bet of a minimum £50 up to a maximum of £2500 if you successfully guess 7 winners. In summary, there is the possibility of winning up to £10,000 in free bets as a VIP at 21Bet during the Cheltenham Festival. Good luck, everybody!