Championship League Snooker 2018 Odds

Please keep in mind that all odds mentioned are accurate at the time published on 11:18 AM, 22/02/2018 and are likely to change over time.

The 2018 Snooker Championship League is currently taking place in Coventry in the Ricoh Arena and is one of the highest ranked snooker events in the calendar. This year the event is taking place from the 2nd January to the 29th March and this is the 11th time that the tournament has taken place. The prize fund for the 2018 Championship League is £200 thousand and the winner of this year’s event will be £10 thousand richer once the event finishes (plus the additional winnings he got from his initial group’s final position).

The format of the tournament is as follows. There are 7 groups containing 7 players and these groups result in 7 winners of the groups. The winners play against each other in another group, called the Winners’ Group, and the winner of this group is the winner of the Championship League.

To determine the group winner, each player faces against every other player in the group once, in a best of 5 frame matches and then the top four players go into a group play off, the winner of which goes in the afore mentioned Winners’ Group. On the other hand, the two players which finish in the last two places in each group get relegated and stop participating in group matches all together.

Until all participants of the Winners’ Group are determined bookmakers will only offer punters the outright winner betting market and that’s the market on which we are going to compare bookmakers’ offers here.

Genting Bet

At Genting Bet you can get some competitive odds for the Outright Winner market when compared to other bookmakers out there. They, as all other bookmakers, price Mark Selby as the favourite to win the Championship League and give him decent odds of 13/5. Next in line are Mark Williams and Kyren Wilson with odds of 15/4 and 6/1.

Judd Trump, Allister Carter and Martin Gould round up the more straightforward outright winner bets which can also be considered as more realistic as they are all given enticing odds of 7/1.

If the tournament is won by any other player outside of these six, it would be considered as a huge surprise at the moment as all other candidates to win the tournament can be termed as underdogs at the moment. This means that were any of Zhou Yuelong (10/1), John Higgins (12/1), Luca Brecel (33/1), or Ricky Walden (50/1) to win the tournament it would be regarded as a major shock in the history of snooker.

If, on the other hand, one of Graeme Dott, Li Hang or Robert Milkins were to win the tournament then this would cause monumental shockwaves around the world of betting as Genting Bet prices them at 80/1 to come out of the tournament as winners.

Interestingly enough, Graeme Dott is considered as a bigger underdog by almost all other bookmakers and is frequently given odds of around 100/1 so the fact that Genting Bet give him lower odds might mean that they have some insiders information or it might simply be a hunch.


Mintbet follows in the footsteps of Genting Bet and its competitors and offers similarly competitive odds for the winner of one of snooker’s prime event this year. The people at Mintbet price Mark Selby at 13/5 to win the Championship League and have him closely followed by both Mark Williams and Kyren Wilson who are given odds of 15/4 and 6/1 respectively.

Judd Trump, Ali Carter and Martin Gould are given the same chances of triumphing once the event finishes and they all come at enticing odds of 7/1.

When it comes to the players with an outside chance of winning the Championship League, Zhou Yuelong, who is not a favourite with bookmakers even though he has played some surprisingly well matches of snooker, is priced at 10/1. Last year’s winner and defending champion, John Higgins, is given odds of 12/1 and represents a wager which can be profitable given the odds he possesses.

As with all other bookmakers, players such as , Luca Brecel (33/1), Ricky Walden (50/1), Graeme Dott (80/1), Li Hang (80/1) and Robert Milkins (80/1) round off the offer which Mintbet provides to its regular punters.

MintBet T&C offers its players the chance to bet on the Outright Winner market by giving the snooker players in its offer relatively higher odds than most of its competition and this is where they try to make that completive edge.

In their offer, Mark Selby is given odds of 11/4 and as with all other bookmakers is given the role of the favourite to win the 2018 Snooker Championship League. Next in line are Mark Williams and Kyren Wilson, both priced at reasonable odds of 7/2 and 6/1 respectively, and they are followed by Judd Trump who is priced at 7/1.

Martin Gould and Ali Carter are given enticing odds of 8/1, whereas John Higgins is given the same odds as Zhou Yuelong as they both have 11/1. This obviously means that the people at trust John Higgins more than their competitors, as most other bookmakers put Zhou Yuelong in front of Higgins when it comes to their respective chances of winning the league.’s offer is rounded off with Luca Brecel (33/1), Ricky Walden(40/1), Li Hang(80/1) and Robert Milkins (80/1) and Graeme Dott (100/1).


The bookmaker championed by Evander Holyfield provides the standard offer of Outright Winner for the Championship League and it also offers odds which can be described as neither higher nor lower than the competition.

Mark Selby is the favourite at their site and is given close to what can be considered as the standard odds for his victory. In this case that means 53/20. Mark Williams is their second favourite for the title and he comes at 33/10.

Following this favourized duo are Kyren Wilson and Judd Trump with both of these snooker players being given similar odds of 23/4 and 27/4 respectively. Martin Gould and Ali Carter share the seventh place in terms of probability to win the Championship League with both players being given 21/2.

Luca Brecel and Ricky Walden are somewhere in the gap which separates the favourites and the underdogs as they both have odds of 32/1 and 38/1 respectively.

Lastly, Li hang (77/1), Robert Milkins (77/1), and Graeme Dott (97/1) are the least likely to win the Snooker Championship League 2018 if RealDealBet were to be asked.


The last bookmaker’s Championship League odds and offer we are going to review here is BetFinal. The bookmaker owned by Final Enterprises tries to keep up with the competition and as a result offers odds for the Outright Winner market which are quite competitive.

In their offer, Mark Selby is priced at 11/4 and is, as with all other bookmakers, head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to winning the league. He is closely followed by Mark Williams and the young and perspective Kyren Wilson who have odds of 7/2 and 6/1 respectively.

The slightly older and a little more experienced trio of Judd Trump (7/1), Martin Gould (8/11) and Ali Carter (8/11) come after the top 3 prospects and after them is the duo with an outside chance of winning the tournament – John Higgins and Zhou Yuelong. They have odds of 11/1.

Luca Brecel (33/1), Ricky Walden (45/1), Li Hang (80/1), Robert Milkins (80/1) and Graeme Dott (100/1) round off BetFinal’s Snooker Championship League 2018 Outright Winner offer.