Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 Odds

Please keep in mind that all odds mentioned are accurate at the time published on 12:39 PM, 03/04/2018 and are likely to change over time.

Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 OddsThe Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 will take place on 8th April 2018 at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, Bahrain. The race represents the second competitive event of the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship. Bahrain will be the host of a Formula One Grand Prix for the fourteenth time and as always will offer fans lots of excitement.

In last year’s race Sebastian Vettel won with close to a seven second margin ahead of Lewis Hamilton and the Finnish duo of Bottas and Raikkonen. The German enters the race as one of the favourites to win once again and he currently has a seven point lead ahead of second placed Lewis Hamilton in the Formula One individual drivers ranking.

The duo is definitely going to fight it out once again under the hot Arab sun and this promises to be quite the race. One way to make the race even more interesting is to place a bet on one of the Formula One drivers and try to spice things up a little. That’s why in this article we have compiled a list of the best betting operators which enable betting on the Bahrain Grand Prix 2018. In doing so we hope that we will help prospective punters decide where to put their Formula One wager.


Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 OddsEnergyBet is a BetConstruct powered betting operator which offers betting on Formula One circuits ever since it was first founded in 2016. It provides punters with a top betting experience and has some enviable bonuses and promotions such as their Welcome Bonus of 100% which can go as high as £25.

Lewis Hamilton is the favourite with EnergyBet for the Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 and he has odds of 4/5 to win the race come Sunday evening. He is closely followed by last year’s winner Sebastian Vettel with odds of 33/10.

The rest of the chasing pack consists of Valtteri Bottas with odds of 5, Max Verstappen has odds of 11, Daniel Ricciardo is given odds of 14, and Kimi Raikkonen has odds of 16. If anyone else outside of this group of drivers were to win the race, then it would be considered as a huge surprise as all the other drivers have odds which are north of 150 or 200.


Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 OddsLVBet is a betting operator which is run by Fairload Ltd. and is regulated by Malta’s gambling laws and regulations. It is one of the most reputable betting providers and it is a perfect place for your Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 wager.

As with other bookmakers, Lewis Hamilton is the favourite here as well and is given odds of 4/5 to win at the circuit in Bahrain. Sebastian Vettel, his German rival for the Formula One title, is given slightly higher odds of 33/10.

Valtteri Bottas (5), Max Verstappen (11), Daniel Ricciardo (14), and Kimi Raikkonen (16) complete the top 6 pilots which are the primary contenders for the victory in Bahrain and they are given quite favourable odds. On the other end of the spectrum are drivers such as Lance Stroll (998), Sergey Sirotkin (998), Pierre Gasly (998), Brendon Hartley (998), Marcus Ericsson (998), Charles Leclerc (998) and they are given odds which reflect the chances of their victory in Bahrain.


Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 OddsFun88 is a betting operator which is powered by TGP Europe Ltd and is regulated under the laws stipulated by the UK Gambling Commission. They lure punters by using some enticing bonuses and promotions chief amongst which is the £28 Welcome Bonus for all new punters who have made at least 6 bets of £10.

Fun88 offers very competitive odds for the Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix 2018. Lewis Hamilton has pretty much the industry standard odds of 4/5. The same can be said about Sebastian Vettel who is given odds of 33/10.

The dynamic duo is followed by Valtteri Bottas (19/4), Max Verstappen (21/2), Daniel Ricciardo (13/1), Kimi Raikkonen (14/1) who are all considered as suitable candidates for an outsiders winner’s berth. Other drivers such as Kevin Magnussen (120/1), Romain Grosjean (145/1) and Fernando Alonso (170/1) form the third circle in terms of chances to win the race, but their prospects for ending on the podium are more than slim.


Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 OddsGentingBet is a sports betting operator which is operated in partnership with FSB Technology (UK) Ltd. and is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. GentingBet offers its punters the chance to bet on the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix by offering some enticing odds to all the drivers.

Lewis Hamilton is their favourite and they give him odds of 17/20. As with all other bookmakers, Hamilton is followed by Sebastian Vettel who is given odds of 16/5. Valtteri Bottas 6/1, Max Verstappen 10/1, Ricciardo Daniel 12/1, Kimi Raikkonen 14/1 are all given a chance to come out of the race as winners, but their chances don’t even come close to those given to the leading duo of Hamilton and Vettel.

Lance Stroll, Sergey Sirotkin, Hartley Brendon, Pierre Gasly, Marcus Ericsson, and Charles Leclerc all share odds of 1000/1 which is not a very flattering fact and their chances of victory are in the realm of science fiction.


Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 OddsSportNation is a British betting operator which is owned and run by Argyll Entertainment AG and is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. It is one of the safest betting providers out there and if you are a betting novice they are the perfect choice for your first Formula One wager. In addition to this, they also offer their first time clients the chance to make full use of their very generous Welcome Bonus with which if you deposit £200 you can actually play with £300, something that very few betting providers offer.

When it comes to SportNation’s offer about the Bahrain 2018 Grand Prix, you can rest assured that you are going to get odds which are on par with the best in the industry. Their favourite is Lewis Hamilton and he is given odds of 4/5.

The second favourite to win the race is Sebastian Vettel who has rather enticing odds of 33/10. Other candidates for the podium include Valtteri Bottas with odds of 19/4, Max Verstappen (21/2), Daniel Ricciardo (13/1), and Kimi Raikkonen (14/1).


Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 OddsRedZoneSports is another betting provider which is licensed and regulated in the UK and is operated by Argyll Entertainment. This combination of a UK owned and regulated betting operator is perfect for punters as it provides them with both safe and risk free betting and enticing and generous bonuses and promotions. One such promotion, for example, is the New Customer 40% Welcome Bonus which can go as high as £200.

RedZoneSports considers Lewis Hamilton to be the favourite to win the Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 and as a result they give him odds of 4/5. Next in line is Sebastian Vettel. If you back him to repeat last year’s heroics, when he was triumphant in Bahrain, you can get odds of 33/10.

Outside of the top 2 pilots, Valtteri Bottas has an outside chance of stealing a march on victory and he is given odds of 19/4 to do that. Max Verstappen, who has been in racing for some time now, is also given an outsider’s chance of winning in Bahrain and has odds of 21/2. Other candidates with a chance for victory include Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen and they have odds of 13/1 and 14/1 respectively.