How to Bet on Badminton

badmintonAlthough not that big of a market like football betting, betting on badminton is still quite popular, especially in Asia and the UK, where the sport is played on a professional level. In one form or another, the sport has been played for centuries, although it wasn’t until the 20th century that a number of cups and international competitions began to materialize. And ever since its addition to the Summer Olympics in 1992, interest in this challenging game only further increased and so did the betting opportunities you could find across new UK bookmakers.

The most common type of badminton bet is the straight bet or 1×2 bet. Betting on a straight bet means predicting if the home or away team will win or if the match is going to end in a draw. Depending on your preference, the odds may be displayed in decimal, fractional or American odds format.

Besides the standard bet, you can also place wagers on handicap bets, predict the odd or even points in a particular match or predict who’ll lead the game after a certain amount of points in a set. There are plenty of badminton betting markets and they’re all just as exciting as betting on any other sport.

Badminton Betting Types and Odds

Besides the straight bet, there are badminton betting markets waiting for you to punt on. As a matter of fact, most of the unique betting markets for football and other major sports are available in badminton betting as well.

Most bookies offer match winner bets, handicaps, and other markets including correct score, set win, the difference of points in a set, and leader after 5, 10, 15, 20 or more points in a set. You can also bet in the over/under market, predicting the total points in a set or the whole match.

There are also individual markets such as which player will score the next point in a set. The odds depend on the bookie – when choosing your bookmaker, it’s best to look for a reliable and major brand.

Top Badminton Betting Sites

Badminton Major Events

The Badminton World Federation organizes several badminton tournaments held annually or biennially. Most of the tournaments are held at an international team level, but there are also individual tournaments where the best badminton players test their skills against each other.

The Olympics

olympic ringsBadminton was officially added to the Summer Olympics schedule in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympic Games. The tournament is governed by the WBF and originally involved 69 nations. Four badminton events were held at the 1992 Olympics, featuring singles and doubles events in men’s and women’s tournaments.

The tournament follows an elimination structure where the player must win 3 matches against his opponent in order to progress. Since its debut in the 1992 Olympics, badminton moved on to 5 events at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. A playoff between the semi-final losers was introduced for the bronze medal, a concept which continued to 2016.

Thomas Cup

thomas cupThe Thomas Cup is the premier international badminton competition for men where member nations of the BWF compete. The tournament is held every 2 years since 1982 – previously, it was held every 3 years.

The Thomas Cup was founded in 1949. It currently involves 16 teams in the final phase of the tournament, with Indonesia and China being the most dominant teams (13 and 10 titles respectively). This tournament is considered the biggest and most popular badminton competition, trumping the Olympics and other premier competitions such as the BWF World Championship.

BWF World Championships

The BWF World Championships have been held since 1977 and is organized and governed by the BWF. The winners of the tournament are crowned “World Champions” while also getting the most ranking points from any major badminton tournament along with the Olympics. Unlike other tournaments, however, it doesn’t offer prize money.

The BWF World Championships are held at different locations around the world. There are 5 divisions in the tournament – men and women singles, men and women doubles as well as mixed doubles. China, Indonesia, and Denmark are the most successful countries in the competition, with China far ahead of the rest with gold medals (Indonesia has 22 in second place).

Uber and Sudirman Cup

uber cupThe Uber Cup is essentially the women’s version of the Thomas Cup and is also known as the World Team Championships for Women. It was founded in 1957 and named after Betty Uber, a legendary former English badminton player. The competition follows a similar format to the Thomas Cup and its schedules and times are merged.

The Sudirman Cup is a mixed-team badminton world championship that takes place every two years. The tournament got its name from Dick Sudirman, a former Indonesian badminton legend who found the Badminton Association of Indonesia. The tournament started in 1989 and doesn’t offer prize money.

BWF Internationals

The BWF Internationals is a group of tournaments that include the BWF International Challenge, the International Series, and Future Series. It was founded in 2007 and is governed by the BWF. It is a fourth-level badminton tournament and one of the biggest in terms of ranking points. The BWF internationals also offer a prize fund of $15,000.

Super Series

bwf worldThe Super Series is the name of 2 badminton tournaments, the Super Series Premier and the Super Series. It was launched in 2007 and is held at the end of the year, where the top 8 players and pairs in each discipline compete for the title. A single Super Series season includes 12 tournaments held around the world, with 5 of them being classified Grade 2 Super Series Premier tournaments. The Premier edition of the tournament offers higher ranking points and a higher prize fund as well.

Last year, the BWF announced that the Super Series tournaments will be replaced by a new structure called BWF World Tour.

What Makes a Good Badminton Betting Site?

There are many things that make a badminton betting site good and bad but only some can be said to be crucial when choosing where to bet. First and foremost, the bookmaker you choose should be able to offer you a wide range of events to bet on. Badminton is not only about the Olympics but you also have competitions like the Thomas Cup, the BWF World Championship, the Uber and Sudirman Cup, as well as the BWF Internationals and Super Series.

Furthermore, a good badminton betting site should also provide you with a good range of betting markets and bet types like match winners, over/under bets, handicaps, and more, where possible. And finally, when choosing a site, you should also consider the range of payment options accepted but also whether deposits and withdrawals are limited in a fair way and if they are charged any fees.


energybetEnergyBet is one of a number of online betting sites offering badminton betting with focus on major championships and the Olympics. The site was only recently launched out of Malta (circa 2016) and mostly caters to the European markets but its UK and Maltese licenses also make it open to a much wider global audience. EnergyBet is also one of a few betting sites with its own e-shop where you can trade loyalty points you’ve earned for various rewards.

For badminton bettors, EnergyBet provides coverage of the main world events, including the Thomas Cup and BWF Championship. Although you won’t find as many betting options as with other popular sports like football, you’ll still be able to find handicap bets and over/under bets on the total number of points, apart from outright and match winner bets. As for the payment options, EnergyBet accepts Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and PaySafe cards. The site doesn’t charge any fees on the 1st withdrawal in a week and all withdrawals are limited to $5,000 per day.


ole777Ole777 is a hybrid online platform that provides both sportsbetting opportunities as well as online casino games. Based in the Isle of Man, Ole777 has a primary focus on the UK betting market for which it holds a license by the UK Gambling Commission. However, the site is also open to any international bettor and it’s a good thing it is because Ole777 offers more badminton betting options than your regular bookmaker.

Namely, apart from covering the biggest events like the Thomas Cup and World Championship, Ole777 also covers events like the BWF Internationals where it explores all of the categories like the women doubles, mixed doubles, etc. Thus, betting at Ole777 gives you more betting opportunities, although the choice of bets will mostly be restricted to match winner and outright winner markets.

And like many online bookmakers, Ole777 takes Visa and MasterCard payments as well as payments via Neteller and Skrill. Cash-outs are limited to a $20 minimum and a maximum of $5,000 and they aren’t charged any fees.


fun88Fun88 is one of the more widely-known online betting providers that also offer a casino section for its members to enjoy. Active online since 2009, this UK-licensed betting site has been servicing bettors for years, continuously developing and expanding the platform to cover new markets and improve the service. It is also one of the several betting sites that cover multiple badminton events.

Like Ole777, Fun88 doesn’t just offer bettors a chance to bet on the Olympics and World Championship but it also covers the Jamaica International and other similar events. When betting on Badminton here, you’ll mostly be tied to outright and match winner bets but other options might also become available in the future. The site lets you make money transfers via MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, and Neteller for free, with the maximum cash-out limit being capped at $5,000.


letouLetou is an Asian online bookmaker that was a pioneer in establishing real money online gaming in Asian markets. Established in 2004, Letou began as a local online betting and gaming provider but eventually moved on to conquering other global markets. In cooperation with its Isle of Man branch, Letou became a UK-licensed bookmaker that now services customers from all around the globe and offers 500 types of sports events on a daily basis, but also its own online casino.

When it comes to betting on badminton, Letou has a similar offer to other online bookmakers like Fun88, or Ole777. You can find events like the BWF Internationals, the Thomas Cup, as well as the Olympics at Letou’s online platform. The betting markets offer you a chance to bet on tournament winners and individual matches and the odds for some of the events are more competitive than with sites like EnergyBet. The list of accepted payment options is standard (Skrill, Neteller, Visa, and MasterCard) and so are the withdrawal limits, which range between $20 and $5,000.


betfinalAn awarded expert in live betting, Betfinal is a multi-faceted online gaming provider that offers sports betting, live betting, as well as a virtual and live casino platform. Licensed in Curacao and open to a wide range of countries across the world, Betfinal is one of the easiest-to-use betting services that also does quite well when it comes to player promotions.

The choice of badminton betting options available at Betfinal is similar to what other bookmakers offer. Thus, you can find major events like the Thomas Cup, BWF Championship, and Olympics, as well as BWF International events. The types of bets you can place will mostly be restricted to match winner and outright winner bets, but you can also combine them into combo or system bet slips. To cash out, you can use EcoPayz, Neteller, Bank Transfers, Skrill, and debit cards, but your payouts will be limited to a smaller sum of $3,000.


sportpesaFrom a Kenyan online betting provider to a global force, SportPesa has had a rapid rise in the world of online sportsbetting. Active since 2001, SportPesa is a UK-licensed sportsbetting provider and an operator of online casino games that has been the betting partner of a number of major football teams, including Everton and Southampton FC.

Badminton is only one of the many sports available at SportPesa and the site covers most of the biggest global events, including the BWF Internationals, World Championships, and the 3 major cups. You can bet on match winner and outright winners at the platform and you can also grab a 100% free bet bonus when you get started. Payments are available through Neteller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro cards, among others, and the withdrawals come free of charge but with a limit of $5,000.


Although it won’t replace football at the top of the favorite sports in the world, badminton is still a popular sport, especially in Asian countries. The interest in badminton and badminton betting is constantly on the rise. Most major bookies already have badminton in their offer and we’re sure it won’t be long before sportsbooks are packed with badminton tournaments and markets.